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Slim.Fast success stories

Not sure if the Slim.Fast® 3.2.1 Plan is right for you? Read these inspirational success stories from other Slim.Fast dieters

Published 23/12/2010

Reading about the success other people have had with Slim.Fast can be a great motivator if you are thinking about starting, or have just started Slim.Fast.

If you're thinking about starting the Slim.Fast® 3.2.1 diet, have already started, or have just got a bit stuck on your diet, it can help to find out about other people's experiences.

Read on to find out about inspirational success stories from both men and women, and even how one couple worked together to lose weight with the Slim.Fast® 3.2.1 Plan.

Individual weight loss patterns are different and not everyone will experience the same weight loss.

Martin's Story

My inspiration to start the Slim.Fast diet was my dream to get my pilot's licence to fly a microlight. When I discovered I was too heavy to achieve my goal, I decided to do something about it.

I had tried to lose weight many times and never succeeded but I found that with Slim.Fast I could stay in a routine. It worked for me because you don't have anything to work out - you just pour in skimmed milk, add powder and drink.

Now I feel so much better, I look great and I have booked my first flying lesson. Slim.Fast really has changed my life.

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Sarah's Story

I had been struggling with my weight for many years and it just seemed to get worse and worse. I was a size 14 for a long time, then my weight gradually crept up to a size 16, then size 18. At 28 years old, I didn't want to put on any more weight.

After having my third child I felt overweight and unfit. I wanted to be able to play with my new daughter and take her for walks without becoming breathless, as I knew this wasn't good for my health.

I absolutely love my food and hadn't had success with any other diets. I liked Slim.Fast because taking the diet shakes made me think about food less.

I'm now a size 12/14 and have so much more energy to play with my children. I'm never too tired to do the things I want to do and I've also found that I sleep well and get up more easily in the morning.

I feel much happier in the clothes I am wearing and have more choice when I shop for clothes. I am so much more confident about how I look and I feel I'm in control, not the food. My skin, hair and nails all seem healthier and in better condition as well.

I feel happy every day and I am determined not to let the weight creep back up again.

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Sharon and Mick's Story

Sharon: I had been a comfortable size 14 for most of my life, but like many people I put weight on after having a baby and soon found my size 16 clothes were feeling tight. Determined not to become a size 18, I started looking for a suitable solution.

Just after Christmas, I was feeling sluggish and was invited to do some market research on Slim.Fast for two weeks. It was just the incentive I needed and I was so impressed with the weight loss that I decided to continue. My husband who had gained three stone in three years decided to join me. Following Slim.Fast together and having one another for moral support was a real incentive for both of us.

The plan was so easy to follow. During the day Mick and I had the shakes then in the evening we could all have a healthy, nutritious family meal together. I think more carefully now about what we eat for our evening meal to ensure it is well-balanced.

We both feel so much better and have more energy than before. Mick now trains our daughter's football team with ease and enjoyment and he has new clothes because his old ones are just too baggy. I don't dread buying clothes any more because I feel comfortable again.

Of course, we both have the occasional blip, but we find it easy to get back to following the Slim.Fast plan again.

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