Weaning tips to help you through every step of your journey

You and your little one are about to discover some amazing tastes and textures. We also have lots of great advice, top tips and how-tos, to guide you along every stage of your weaning adventure!

Is my baby ready for weaning?

Most little ones will be ready to wean at around six months old, but every baby is different!

Babies are probably ready to start weaning when they can:

• Hold their head steady on their own and sit confidently with support

• Show good hand-eye coordination bringing things accurately into their mouths

Trust your instinct and you’ll know when the time is right. If your baby just pushes out what you give them, don’t worry – wait a week or two and try again.

Grow your own little veg lover!

Introducing veggies in weaning gets tiny taste buds used to savoury flavours, helping them growinto a little veg lover for life!

Don’t worry if your little one didn’t start with veg, it’s never too late!

• Veg it! Start with pure veggies in the first few weeks of weaning

• Switch it! Get your little one loving a variety of tastes with a rainbow of veggies

• Repeat it! It can take up to eight tiny tastes before your little one accepts a new food. So keep trying!

Try our verry veggie Love Veg range – just the right texture for little ones starting their weaning journey!

Scrummy ways to play + learn!

Little ones learn by playing with the world around them – and that goes for snack time too!

Giving your little one the chance to explore for themselves on their weaning adventure helps develop a lifelong curiosity for yummy tastes, whilst also helping to learn great hand-eye coordination.

Our yummy finger foods are just the right shapes and textures for little fingers to play and learn withless mess!

It’s no ordinary belly…it’s an Incredi-Belly
Pat them, rub them, tickle them. Those little round bellies areincredible, because when you give your little one a spoonful of the redone, or a scrummy melty stick, you’re not just filling up their tummy with yummy goodness, you’re helping make the world a better place.

From planting trees in the Scottish Highlands, to protecting the rainforests in Ecuador, or working to improve recycling, and even helping big kids have the confidence to try new foods, that little tummy is helping Ella’s Kitchen fulfil our dreams for a better world.


*My ingredients are suitable from 4 months and my vegetable taste will help little ones learn to love veg throughout weaning and beyond! The Government advises that you don’t need to wean your little one until they are 6 months. Every baby is different!