Dove Only Dove DermaSpa brings spa experience and dermatological care together. Our new Oxygen Touch body care collection brings deep hydration with a reviving and refreshing light touch. Irresistible textures of whipped body sorbet and cloud cream, together with an addictive fragrance, creates the most delightful sensory with the best of Dove care. Wake up tired, dry skin with this burst of oxygenated moisture, leaving it instantly revived and deeply* hydrated. To achieve this, leading skin and beauty experts have partnered to create Oxygen Touch, our first spa-like Body Sorbet blending our unique Cell-Moisturisers into a cushiony soft formulation. Hydrate your skin full of moisture every day. Specially formulated for normal to dry skin. Oxygen Touch has a light feel while still delivering fast absorbing deep* hydration.  Oxygen Touch offers light hydration for normal skin to offer skin daily care. *Within the strateum corneum. Dove aims to inspire women to see body care as an opportunity to reconnect with their bodies and appreciate themselves. Through the delightful sensorial experience and nourishing care, Dove DermaSpa Oxygen Touch body cream will make body care a rewarding treat and experience. Deep hydration, with a light touch. Apply moisturiser daily. For best results apply immediately after showering.