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Your digital Advantage Card

How to set up your new Advantage Card

Thanks for taking the time to read our email about reactivating your Advantage Card.

Instead of sending you a new plastic Advantage Card, we'd like to set you up with a digital Advantage Card to use with your smartphone. We’re confident you’ll find this simple to set up, convenient to carry, and really easy to use. 

Adding your new Advantage Card to the Boots app

To find out your new Advantage Card number and set-up your digital Advantage Card on the Boots App, please follow these quick and easy steps.

1. Log in to your boots.com account.

2. From the list of options on the left-hand side, select ‘My Advantage Card’.

3. At the bottom of that page under the ‘My Details’ section, you will see your new Advantage Card number. For security purposes, we do not show the last 3 digits in your account page. These last 3 digits will be in the email we sent you.

4. You will need to add these last 3 digits sent in the email to the end of your new Advantage Card number. This will give your full card number. Please keep a record of the full number (19 digits) as you will need it to set up the card.

5. If you do not have the Boots App on your smartphone, you will need to download it from the App store or Play store and follow the instructions on the app, entering your new Advantage Card number in full. You will then be able to use your digital Advantage Card in store.

Download on the App Store

Get it on Google Play

(Not available on the Windows platform)

6. If you already have the Boots App on your smartphone, please tap the Advantage Card button where your old Advantage Card number will be displayed. Click on the 3 dots (or ‘More’ tab) in the top right corner and press the ‘delete current card’ option. You will then need to enter your new Advantage Card number in full. You will also be asked to enter some additional information as part of our security process.

7. Once you've linked your new Advantage Card, you can also choose to add to your Apple or Google wallet.

Finally, for security reasons, please destroy your plastic card as it will no longer be valid.


Where can I find the last 3 digits of my new Advantage Card number?

The last 3 digits of your Advantage Card are displayed in the email we sent you regarding reactivating your Advantage Card. We need to do this for security reasons

I’ve received an email with 3 numbers, what do I do?

Instead of sending you a new plastic Advantage Card, we would like to set you up with a digital Advantage Card which you can use on your smartphone. We only emailed the last 3 digits of your card number for security reasons, the first part of your new Advantage Card number can be found in your boots.com account.

The instructions at the top of this page will tell you how to set this up.

How can I get and use the card?

You will need to take the 3 digits that have been sent to you via email and combine them with the 16 digits that are displayed in your boots.com account. Once you have your full Advantage Card number, follow the instructions above to add your new card to the Boots App.

What do I do if I’m receiving errors when adding my card to the app?

If you have tried to make changes to your Advantage Card account or pay with points using your old card number, your card may have been locked before you tried to add this new card number to the app. Don’t worry, this is just a precautionary security measure, you can contact the customer service centre on 0345 124 4545 to reset your card.

What if I haven't got a smartphone or just want a plastic card?

Log in to your Boots Advantage Card account and visit the ‘order a new card’ link within the Boots Advantage Card section to fill out the online form. Alternatively, you can contact the customer service centre on 0345 124 4545.

There are loads of great benefits with the Boots app:

• Collect 200 Boots Advantage Card points*: When you download the app for the first time and make a transaction (no minimum spend)

• Access personalised offers: Link your Advantage Card to get personalised offers sent directly to your phone

• Use your Advantage Card on your phone: Check your points balance instantly and collect points every time you shop, by using your card in-store directly from your phone

• Shop on the go: Order your Boots favourites and redeem your offers on the go

• Get the latest content: Receive health and beauty content, access to competitions, new product launches and up-coming events

• Manage your healthcare needs: Order your prescriptions, access online pharmacy clinics, set a vitamin reminder and book in-store appointments from your phone