Our eyes have never been busier

Smartwatches, smart phones, smart cars, smart homes… Smart technology is an integral part of our daily lives.

We live in a fast-paced world, constantly connected to people, information and things, both on and offline. We have our eyes glued to digitaldevices even when we are on the move. This fast-paced lifestyle often leads to eye strain.

See clearly and stay sharp all day long with ZEISS SmartLife Lenses

Wide fields of view across all distances and in all directions can improve your clarity of vision.

ZEISS Single Vision SmartLife Lenses

The next generation of ZEISS Single Vision Lenses with improvedoptical performance and up to 88% larger clear fields of view.**

ZEISS Digital SmartLife Lenses

More accurate vision at near distance for your connected and on-themovelifestyle.†

ZEISS Progressive SmartLife Lenses

Fast and easy adaptation. 8/10 wearers adapted to their new lenseswithin one day.††



*UV protection up to 400nm

**ZEISS SmartLife Single Vision Lenses with improved optical performance of up to 67% for high hyperopes, up to 88% for high myopes, and on average 28% larger clear fields of view compared to standard sph/asph SV lenses based on calculation for binocular vision considering object field areas below a threshold of 0,25D RMSPE for range -10,0D up to +8,0D. Analyses by Technology & Innovation, ZEISS Vision Care, DE, 2019.

†After performing a concentrated near task at 20cm for 30 min with ZEISS SmartLife Digital Lenses compared to ZEISS Single Vision Lenses, subjects aged 30 - 40 years (n=12) showed an improved accommodative response with a significant difference for accommodative demands over 3D, that is applicable to tasks performed closer than 33 cm. External performance test on ocular accommodation and blink rate comparing ZEISS Single Vision Lenses to ZEISS SmartLife Digital Lenses, n=39 study participants. Aston Optometry School, Aston University, UK, 2019.

††81% of consumers adapted very fast to their new lenses, just within one day (percentage of participants who adapted ‘immediately’, ‘within hours’ or ‘within one day’). External consumer acceptance test on the ZEISS SmartLife Lens portfolio, n=182 study participants. Aston Optometry School, Aston University, UK, 2019.