ZEISS AntiFOG products have been awarded Good Housekeeping Institute accreditation and were tried, trusted and recommended by 91% of optical professionals surveyed.*

Stop the fog

Clearer, more comfortable vision, even when you have to wear a facemask.

Fogging lenses can become a real irritation, especially for those who wear glasses for long hours on end. It becomes especially difficult to see when you step in from a cold to warm environment, play sports, have a hot drink, or cook. ZEISS AntiFOG Kit is a convenient solution for glasses wearers that can keep your lenses fog-free for up to threedays.


Available at Boots Opticians – In store only

• Prevents fogging and misting of spectacles, sunglasses, goggles and camera lenses.

• The combination of ZEISS AntiFOG spray applied with the treated ZEISS AntiFOG Cloth can make your lenses stay fog-free for up to three days without effecting optical quality.

• ZEISS AntiFOG spray and cloth leaves behind a thin film (comparable with a temporary additional coating) on the lenses. This ensures that fine, condensed water droplets cannot stick to the lens surface.

• Thanks to the specially developed cloth, this process is quick, gentle and does not damage the lens coating.

• This handy, pocket-sized kit allows up to 50 applications.


Available at Boots Opticians – In store only

• Gentle and thorough cleaning.

• Provides daily fog prevention.

• Safe and easy to use for all optical lenses.

• Non-abrasive, soft microfine cellulose tissue. Wipes contain no plastic.

• Individually wrapped for convenience


*ZEISS AntiFOG product trial and survey with 100 optical industry staff across UK and Ireland 2021.