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Your skin doesn’t need a solution, it needs movement.

No matter your size, colour, gender or shape, Skin Proud is for you.

Together as a community, we can change the way we see skin. Skin Proud champions being proud of the skin you’re in; being proud of your imperfections as well as your perfections. There is beauty in every mole, scar, and spot. That’s why we’ve taken a stance against photoshopping and only show you images of real, happy skin.

Join the Skin Proud movement. be you. be proud.

Proud of the skin you’re in

Cutting out the confusion, Skin Proud believes in being transparent – easy to use, 100 percent vegan products with straight-to-the-point ingredients for skin that is happy to have them!

Why it works

Whether you need to inject targeted moisture or control excess oil,
there’s innovation to suit every skin type within the range. Skin Proud
expertly blends together science-led ingredients with powerful natural extracts to treat your skin, transparently.