NEW Real Techniques Sponge+ Miracle Beauty Bar

A skincare infused sponge collection to ‘plus up’ your make-up routine

Cleanse & prep

Flawless make-up starts with great skin. Introducing the Miracle Cleanse Sponge and the the Miracle Skincare Sponge.

Miracle Cleanse Sponge


• Gently removes impurities

• Apply cleanser to wet sponge +massage into face

• Polishes pores + fine lines

• Infused with probiotics to calm, balance + promote hydration

• Antimicrobial – up to 30 days


Miracle Skincare Sponge


• Wet + then apply skincare products

• Silcone micro-massager boosts circulation + product absorption

• Evenly applies toner to enhance texture

• Infused with vegan collagen to help with firmness + elasticity

• Antimicrobial – up to 30 days


Discover the miracle complexion sponge

How to use and look after your sponges

How to apply:

Use dry for full coverage and wet for a dewy glow.

Flat edge: Contour around the eyes and nose

Round sides: Blend large areas of the face with a dabbing motion

Precision tip: Cover blemishes and imperfections

Revolutionary latex-free foam technology for evenly blended foundation.

Keep it clean:

Rinse through lukewarm water after each use. Deep clean once a week with make-up sponge cleanser.

1. Dab a dot of make-up sponge cleanser

2. Add water and gently squeeze to lather

3. Rinse the sponge with water

4. Air dry thoroughly in a well-ventilated area.