Goodbye dark spots.
Hello luminous skin

Visible results in just 4 weeks*

Introducing our NEW breakthrough innovation with visible results in just 4 weeks*

The highly effective Luminous 630® patented formula works at a cellular level for proven results:

• Dark spots are reduced for an even, luminous complexion

• Skin is protected from photo ageing and the sun

• Skin looks and feels moisturised, mattified and smoother

We know dark spots can have so many causes like sun, ageing and even hormonal factors, which means they can be stubborn. That’s why NIVEA scientists spent 10 years meticulously researching 50,000 possible actives to discover the powerful ingredient Luminous 630®, all to help you reveal the natural luminosity of your skin.

So you can say… goodbye dark spots. Hello luminous skin!

NEW breakthough innovation

The serum combines the breakthrough ingredient Luminous 630® in its highest concentration with vitamin E and cell-activating hyaluronic acid. It delivers NIVEA’s highest efficacy in treating dark spots with a dual-action – it reduces dark spots while preventing their re-appearance with regular usage for even luminous skin, with visible results in four weeks.*

With a soft texture and lightweight formula, the serum absorbs quickly into the skin. Gentle to the skin and recommended for all skin types.

Even and luminous skin

The Day Fluid protects existing spots from getting darker and prevents their reappearance. It also prevents from photo-ageing while moisturising the skin.

It combines the innovative Luminous 630® with an SPF50, cell-activating hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. It mattifies the skin.

Gentle to the skin and recommended for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

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*In-vivo determination of skin appearance by instrumental testing and clinical grading, STDR-070239C, dated May 2020.