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Did you know, more than 50% of the population is concerned with thinning and hair loss? Yet, only 5% of them use specialised products because they don’t believe there is a solution that works. NIOXIN, the No.1 salon brand for thicker fuller hair,^ uses science to curate regimens for every sign of thinning. With expertise in scalp cleansing, root resilience and hair volume. Feel and see the difference from root to tip so, you can get back to living your life to the fullest.

System Kits

What are the 3-Part System Kits?

The 3-part system consists of three steps that lay the foundation for thicker, fuller hair:

Step 1) The Cleanser.
This helps to remove any oil (sebum) that’s clogging the hair follicles along with any dirt or environmental residues from the scalp and the hair.

Step 2) The Conditioner.
You may usually apply conditioner just on the mid-lengths and ends, but we recommend to also apply this onto the scalp with a gentle massage. This is to hydrate the scalp and hair from root to tip, providing moisture balance and hair resilience.

Step 3) The Scalp and Hair Treatment.
Created to give even thicker and fuller hair through its formula. It’s a leave-in treatment, so you just need to distribute it evenly over the clean scalp, comb through the hair and let it work its magic.

Our 3-part systems are designed for daily use to achieve optimal results. However, we know that not everyone washes their hair daily, so if that’s your routine just note that you will still see results, but not as quickly.

85% of customers who tried the System Kits noticed a thickening effect†† (results in 30 days).

In the first few weeks of use, you might notice more shedding than usual. This is because the product is cleaning out clogged hair follicles that were not allowing the hair to fall as usual. A new hair will be able to grow in its place when the follicle is clean.

Which system is right for me?

Light thinning

Hair thinning around the front of the face, or hair is generally feeling flat and lacking volume.

Progressed thinning

Receding hair line or thinning parting, generally much less hair coverage with visible scalp.


^Globally selling. Value data. Kline & Company, Salon Hair Care Global Series Data for full calendar year 2020, published April - September 2021. To verify please contact Anne Metais

*Based on hair length of 12 inch/30 cm, measured by weight of broken hair, compared to non-conditioning shampoo.

**Via antioxidant effect on the scalp surface.

Results in 30 days, based on a survey among 230 U.S. panellists concerned about thinning hair who tried the system, conducted by SIRS, 2016.

††Guarantee redeemable and full terms and conditions available at