There may be times in your journey to becoming smoke-free that the cravings may feel difficult to overcome. In these moments, it’s important to reflect on all the positives you may experience from being smoke-free.

Amongst many other health benefits, giving up cigarettes may help you to have:

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Dealing with your triggers

Write down what makes you crave a cigarette and the situations where you want to smoke – these are your triggers.

An important part of winning your battle against smoking is identifying and dealing with your triggers.

Forming a habit takes time and breaking it doesn’t happen instantly. In any situation where your normal response would be to reach for a
cigarette, try something new to form new habits.

Alcohol is a common smoking trigger so avoid it where you can, especially in the first week where your cravings may be the strongest.

If you crave a cigarette when you’re stressed, explore other ways to relax. Try calling a friend, listen to your favourite song or go for a walk (exercise can be a great stress reliever).

What to do if you have a cigarette

Quitting smoking can be one of the most incredible things you can
ever do, but it’s important to understand that quitting smoking is a
learning process, you might fall off but the important thing is getting
back on your journey again.

If you do have a cigarette there are a few things which may

1. Try to understand what made you slip up and plan what you could
do differently
2. Remind yourself of your goals
3. Talk to someone in your support network


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