All these midwife developed products are made by carefully blending proven premium ingredients, including a wide range of natural
botanicals. These products aim to soothe and calm and address the physical side effects of pregnancy, birth and into new motherhood.

How can I access My Expert Midwife Antenatal Classes?

• Use the ‘book now link’ to access midwife lead antenatal classes

• You will learn all about preparing for labour, birth and your journey into parenthood with otherparents-to-be
• You will be taught by a registered midwife in weekly online classes

How to manage pregnancy nausea

• Unfortunately there is no miracle cure for pregnancy nausea

• Listen to your body – try eating and drinking little and often
• Plan in more sleep and relaxation if you can, as tiredness can make nausea seem worse
• Try Soothing Ginger Melts as part of your toolkit to help you through this part of your pregnancyjourney

How to soothe tight, itchy, growing skin

• The skin on your stomach, legs and all over your body will grow quickly to accommodate your growing baby
• Moisturising daily with natural ingredients, like Fantastic Skin Elastic, can help reduce the itch and will keep skin hydrated
• Taking cooler showers and baths can soothe itchy skin
• Wear cooling natural fibres and stay out of direct sunlight

How to prepare your perineum for birth

• Perineal massage from 34 weeks can help stretch the perineum, and so help reduce the chances of tearing in childbirth
• Use a food grade oil for the massage or a specialist oil like Peri Prep Your Bits
• Massage for three to four minutes, three to four times a week

How to beat the pregnancy heat

• In pregnancy your hormones change and this can result in a rise in temperature
• Try a natural cooling spray like Keep Your Cool, specially on hot and restless legs and feet
• Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water
• Swap synthetic clothes for natural fibres, like cotton

How to feel calmer during labour

• Awaiting the arrival of baby in the last few weeks of pregnancy and early stages of labour can make you feel anxious
• Try using essential oils to help you feel calmer, and bring focussed energy, like those used in Spritz for Labour
• Use this in combination with breathing techniques, such as hypnobirthing

What can I do to help soreness after childbirth?

• After childbirth the perineum has stretched and may be sore and bruised
• Using Spritz for Bits will cool the area and help soothe discomfort, straight after birth and in the first few weeks
• Keeping the spritz in the fridge will give you a cool liquid that you can spray on any area of your body

What can I do after childbirth to aide my recovery?

• Rest and self care are important after all types of birth to help the body heal
• If you have stitches, keeping the area clean will minimise the risk of infection
• Having a daily bath using with the premium Epsom salts and essential oils in Soak for Bits will help soothe and relax tired muscles
• Take pain relief if needed, to help you feel more comfortable as you heal

How can I protect my nipples from soreness when breastfeeding?

• Use a lanolin based balm, like No Harm Nipple Balm, which is natural and forms a protective barrier against friction and chafing
• Regular moisturising and protection is important to prevent the nipples from cracking and becoming sore
• Sore nipples can occur with poor positioning and attachment problems, so seeking breastfeeding support may be needed

How can I protect delicate newborn skin from nappy rash?

• Most babies experience sore skin or nappy rash at some point
• Use a daily protection routine of regular nappy changes and the use of a barrier cream to help reduce nappy rash
• Using a protective balm like No Harm Bum Balm is ideal, as it contains lanolin – forming a natural barrier which still allows the skin to – and calendular to reduce soreness and redness