Don’t fling it, bring it

At Maybelline, we’re bringing in a BIG change. Take your finished foundations, unloved liners and past-it palettes to our in-store recycling stations. We’re partnering with Terracycle to recycle all your make-up – not just ours. We can’t bring about change without you.

Why we want to bring about change

An estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans every year, and with approximately 146 million make-up products being produced every year, make-up is playing catch-up.

Like you, we’ve had our fill of landfill and Maybelline’s ready to go greener, one old lipstick at a time!

How? We’re getting our house – and your make-up bag – in order.

Maybelline’s role is to make the break with empty make-up easy, and looking after the planet even easier.

How can I recycle my make-up empties?

Step 1: Find your nearest Boots recycling station using the store finder.

Step 2: Drop off those past-it palettes, unloved liners and finished foundations to one of the in-store bins.

Step 3: Once our recycling stations are full, our Maybelline recycling partner ‘TerraCycle’ will come and collect the waste from store to be cleaned and recycled!

What make-up empties are you able to recycle in this scheme?

We accept all brands! Not just Maybelline.

There are, however, some products we can’t accept:

YES PLEASE to all of the below:

• Compacts and palettes, such as eyeshadows, powders and blushers

• Mascaras including the plastic tube and wand

• Liners such as retractable plastic liners or liquid eye liners

• Lip products such as plastic lip gloss tubes or bullet lipstick tubes

• Plastic tubes and bottles, such as foundation or concealer tubes

• Other make-up packaging, such as caps, pumps or trigger sprays

NO THANKS to a few items below:

• Make-up brushes and nail polish. Unfortunately, we can’t accept these at this time.

REGULAR RECYCLING is best for these:

• Glass bottles and cardboard packaging. These can already be recycled by most local council recycling systems.

• Aerosols. Unfortunately, we can’t accept these but the good news is that in most parts of the UK, aerosol recycling is possible.