What is MacuShield®?

In 2006, MacuShield® began as a single product, MacuShield® Original, a dietary supplement derived from the marigold flower (Tagetes Erecta) that combines the three macular carotenoids: Lutein, Meso-zeaxanthin, and Zeaxanthin.

We get these three nutrients exclusively from our diet, the Lutein and Zeaxanthin coming from dark green leafy vegetables and brightly coloured fruits, and the Meso-zeaxanthin coming from some types of fish and seafood. Since its launch, the range of products has increased, but they all still revolve around this core formula.

Which MacuShield® product is right for you?

MacuShield® Original and MacuShield® Gold both contain the three macular carotenoids. The MacuShield® Gold capsule also contains a blend of highdose vitamin C, vitamin E, Zinc and Copper.

Our most recent addition to the range is MacuShield® Original Chewable, which provides a MacuShield® Original Formula + vitamin B2 and is suitable for vegetarians. This offers the benefits of MacuShield® Original but in a chewable tablet which is perfect if you struggle to swallow capsules or tablets.

• MacuShield® Original Formula – not suitable for vegetarians

• MacuShield® Original Chewable – suitable for vegetarians

• MacuShield® Gold – not suitable for vegetarians

*MacuShield Original – based on a survey of 92 eye experts 2017. To verify email

**MacuShield Original Chewable – contains vitamin b2 to help maintain normal vision

***MacuShield Gold – contains zinc to help maintain normal vision