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iCandy Orange 3

Real families put the new iCandy Orange 3 to the test

The 3rd generation iCandy Orange is ready for any family and any eventuality – ready for comfort, ready for a growing family, ready for adventure and ready from the get-go.

Ready for comfort

“As the carrycot is suitable for permanent overnight sleeping, it offers me flexibility when it comes toI saiah’s sleep routine – he can have afternoon naps close by to me whilst I work and we can bring it to my parents for overnight stays”.

The Asomuyides family


Ready for a growing family

“I prefer to be able to see my babies and have them parent facing for now, but I know that soon they will want to look out. I love the many configurations the Orange 3 has to offer, as no two babies are the same and this pushchair gives us the flexibility that we need.”

The Bradney family


Ready for adventure

“The suspension on the Orange 3 makes for a really smooth ride! Even when our baby is asleep she doesn’t notice any bumps or going up kerbs. There is no jolting and jiggling when she’s awake and taking in her surroundings either”.

The Bailey family


Ready from the get-go

“As first time parents, we are relieved that the Orange 3 comes with everything ready in the box! It’s great that the Orange will adapt with our family too and can be used as a double pushchair in the future”.

The Ofosu-Ameyaw family