A skincare routine fit for your baby’s delicate skin

Your baby’s skin is 30% thinner than your own, and more sensitive so it can quickly lose moisture and become dry, so it’s important to treat it with love and care.

Newborn babies can be susceptible to common skin conditions like nappy rash, acne, milia, eczema and dry skin. So it’s important that their skincare routine includes baby wipes and products that are alcohol and fragrance-free.

Huggies® Natural Biodegradable are plastic free baby wipes, made from 100% naturally derived, plant-based fibres so they feel different to traditional baby wipes that contain plastic. They contain 99% pure water, are fragrance free, clinically tested and have recyclable packaging, so they are gentle enough for baby’s delicate skin whilst also being gentle on the planet.

Getting into a good skin routine from your baby’s first days will help to keep your newborn’s skin healthy and clean:

• Change wet nappies frequently and dirty ones as soon as possible, thoroughly cleaning the whole nappy area, wiping from front to back.

• Use a gentle barrier cream after nappy changes to prevent nappy rash and to protect the skin from moisture.

• Once your baby is ready to have baths, avoid using soap, shampoo or body wash that contains harsh chemicals that might cause dry and irritated skin.

• When you have finished bath time, gently pat the skin dry but thoroughly. Don’t use baby powders or talc as they can be irritating.

• Incorporate baby massage into your baby’s routine, at least a couple of times a week; it’s also a great way for parents to bond with their baby.

• Make sure to choose a time when your baby is not too hungry, full or tired and the room is warm (at least 24 °C). It’s important to wait untilyour baby is at least a month old before using any oils and make sure what you use is suitable for baby’s skin. Do not use cooking oil, olive oil,mustard or peanut oils.


Newborn baby skin is 30% thinner and much more sensitive than adult skin — meaning it’s more likely to become irritated. Skin conditions such as nappy rash, acne, milia, eczema and dry skin can be common in babies and young children. That’s why it’s important to use baby wipes and baby skincare products that contain no alcohol and are fragrance-free.