How to wax

Alright, it’s showtime! Here’s how to wax your upper lip

Step-by-step guide to waxing your upper lip

Step 1.
Pull strips slowly apart, to ensure even wax distribution. Our soft gel wax comes ready to use, so no need to rub the wax strip between your hands to warm them up.

Step 2.
Place a strip on one side of your upper lip, following the angle of your lip line.

Step 3.
Rub the strip firmly from your midline toward your cheek. When you have thoroughly massaged the hair into the strip, you’re ready to go!

Step 4.

Pull skin taut at the base of the strip with your non-dominant hand. Then pull the strip quickly and close to the skin. Remember to pull across, not up. Think like you’re applying lipstick. Pulling up can potentially hurt the skin.

Step 5.
Repeat steps 2-4 on the other side of your lip. Only pull once even if you have hair left behind. If you don’t get all the hair on your first try, wait 24 hours and try again to prevent irritation.

Step 6.
Once you’re done waxing, clean off any excess wax residue using a post-wax cloth. Wipe off the wax before it dries to avoid irritating your skin. Soothe the area by rolling on the calm serum. The stainless steel ball eliminates the need for you to touch the skin directly