Acne, spots … it’s personal. And it’s our sole focus, day in day out. We aim to help you cut through the maze of myths about spots and acne and get straight down to business tackling the basic, fundamental causes of acne and spots: acne bacteria and blocked pores.

Acnecide® exists to offer effective self-care skincare solutions across the journey of acne and blemish-prone skin. Developed by dermatologists, our medicinal products include 5% benzoyl peroxide, an active ingredient which is effective in combating the bacteria that causes acne. Our Acnecide® Face Gel Spot Treatment and Face Wash Spot Treatments kill up to 95% of the spot-causing bacteria and help unblock pores to control and limit future breakouts.* The 15g and 50g Acnecide” benzoyl peroxide treatments are available to self-select and purchase right here on or from the main skincare aisle in most Boots stores. The original Acnecide® 30g and l00g over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide treatments remain available on request from a Boots Pharmacy counter or online on

By the makers of Acnecide, Purifide products are a range of cleansers and moisturisers for the daily care of blemish and spot-prone skin that work to keep pores clear, balance oiliness, hydration, skin pH and bacteria to help prevent spots and promote clearer skin. Purifide’s re-balance range features a daily cleanser and SPF30 daily moisturiser to support a balanced, strong and healthy-looking skin barrier. Suitable for use alongside treatment for spots. The control range includes Purifide pH Control Face Wash, Purifide Blackhead Control Deep Exfoliating Cleanser and Purifide Oil Control Moisturiser to help control blocked pores, excess oil and spot causing bacteria, preventing blemishes. Also suitable for use post-treatment to help maintain clear skin.

*Acnecide® Face Gel and Acnecide® Face Wash Gel are indicated for the treatment of mild acne. Contains 5% benzoyl peroxide.

Always read the label. Acnecide® Gel and Acnecide® Wash Gel are indicated for the treatment of acne. Contains 5% benzoyl peroxide. Always read the label. Acnecide® Medicinal Treatments (Wash Gel/Gel/Face Wash Gel/Face Gel should not be used in conjunction with other benzoyl peroxide preparations, including other Acnecide® Medicinal Treatments.

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