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Olay has been innovating in the world of skincare products for over 60 years. The first bottle of Oil of Olay was a gift from a former chemist to his wife, and since then Olay has expanded to a whole range of beauty solutions for daily skincare. Olay’s team’s approach to developing skincare is led by science. They examine thousands of potential ingredients before selecting the best performing 1%, including hero ingredients - vitamin B3 (aka niacinamide), retinol, peptides, and SPF. Based on testing with thousands of women, all four feature in Olay’s active formulas. Olay’s skin experts can now provide a live one-to-one virtual consultation over a video call. Assessing your skin type and concerns, Olay’s Beauty Consultants offer tailored tips and knowledge together with skincare product recommendations to give you the full benefit of Olay’s skin science. Know your skin even better with Olay’s Skin Advisor app. Olay’s skin analysis uses AI to find out your skin age and build a personalised beauty routine. 94% of women who tried this service agreed the products recommended were right for them. 

†Consumer data October 2020, Clinical data Nov 2020