Those with a sweet tooth may find themselves attracted to sweet perfumes (also known as Gourmand), which smell good enough to eat and have dessert-like qualities. A relatively new category, if you spoke of sweet aromas to perfumers 40 years ago they'd probably laugh, yet the novelty came to stay and has proven extremely popular!

Five common notes...

1. Vanilla

Today everyone knows the taste and scent of vanilla, but mostly through its synthetic variant vanillin, as the real vanilla extract is expensive. A hugely popular scent, vanillin is sweet and cosy with a comforting feel to it. It is a dominant ingredient in a large number of perfumes.

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2. Tonka bean

These small black, wrinkled seeds from the cumaru fruit are actually one of the most common ingredients in perfumery. Often used as a replacement for vanilla, the scent of these beans is reminiscent of new mown hay with a bittersweet almond finish. It is commonly found in products like soap and tobacco, to improve the smell.

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3. Peach

One of the most popular fruity scents, peach aromas smell exactly as they taste -delicate and sweet with just a little bit of acidity. They can also have creamy, milky and often coconut undertones. There is no way to extract the essential oil from a peach, so this note is reproduced synthetically.

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4. Red berries

Red berries like raspberries, strawberries and blackcurrants all share a distinctive sweet, juicy, and tart accord. Red berry fragrances are often reminiscent of childhood memories and are an extremely popular as a top note, giving fragrances a lovely refreshing quality.

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5. Chocolate

Chocolate originally comes from the fruit of the cocoa - full and sensuous with a slight spice and bitterness. Chocolate scented fragrances don't necessarily rely on the cocoa bean however - they can often be created by using a combination of other sweet and spicy notes such as patchouli, amber, leather and sandalwood.

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