Smoke Less Plan

Looking to cut down or stop smoking? Boots can offer personalised one-to-one support at every step of your journey

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Helping you cut down or stop smoking

We know it can be hard to cut down or quit smoking, but we're here to help. The Smoke Less Plan is an in-store service available at selected Boots pharmacies which can help smokers stop or cut down smoking. It's flexible, so you can choose how much support you want, how long you want to take to reach your goal and if you want to use nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). 

Research shows you're four times more likely to stop smoking with the help of a support service, so taking advantage of the Boots Smoke Less Plan could be a good first step.

How it works

1. Have an in-store consultation

Pop into a Boots store offering the service and have a private chat with a specially-trained smoking advisor from our pharmacy team. They will:

  • Go through your reasons for wanting to cut down or stop smoking
  • Help identify your smoking patterns and triggers
  • Talk about any concerns you may have
  • Discuss what you may have learnt from previous attempts to control your smoking

2. Agree on a Personal Action Plan

Following the consultation, our smoking advisor will help you put together a Personal Action Plan. This can be used by you to manage situations when you would normally smoke. To come up with a Personal Action Plan, our smoking advisor will:

  • Talk to you about your level of nicotine dependency and the various NRT* options available to help you beat those cravings
  • Consider if you're eligible for prescription-only medication*, which you can get from our online clinic after completing a short consultation
  • Give you a Progress Diary where you can make a quick note of any key times you found it particularly hard not to smoke
  • Discuss how regularly you'd like one-to-one support, where you speak to one of our smoking advisors face-to-face or over the phone
  • Help you decide on a quit or cut down date which suits you

*Charges apply

3. Continued support

You're likely to have some days which are easier than others when trying to cut down or quit smoking. The Smoke Less Plan can give on-going help by also offering:

  • The option to speak to one of our healthcare advisors to help give you some extra motivation
  • A chance to choose our Nicotine Exchange Service which allows you to switch to a different form of NRT if you feel the current one is not working for you