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Smashbox Cosmetics

Smashbox Cosmetics’ brand philosophy is all about creative license and freedom. “The most amazing thing about being here at Smashbox Studios is there’s this creative energy that’s unlike any place I’ve ever been before,” says Davis Factor, Smashbox Founder. “We wanted to create make-up for everyone that’s beautiful to wear, feels great and solves the same problems at home that we solve here in the studios. This is a real place. 

“We have make-up that we’re using on trendsetters every single day, and everyone gets a piece of that. No other cosmetics brand can make that claim: created, tested and photographed at a real studio.” Global Pro Lead Artist Lori Taylor adds, “We really bring you inside. We give you all the tips and tricks we use here. It’s like, ‘Come on in, hang out with us for a while!’”



Smashbox Studios was founded by professional photographers Dean and Davis Factor. The studios soon became a hot-bed for top photographers shooting iconic pictures for major magazines.


Davis, a renowned fashion and celebrity photographer, hosted the first-ever Photo Assistants Show to spotlight new photography talent, turning Smashbox into a modern-day image “factory”.


The Smashbox signature “must-have”, Photo Finish Foundation Primer, launched. This now-legendary formula was first created to minimise touch-ups during a shoot, so the photographer’s flow wouldn’t be interrupted. “People would go “Wow!” when they put it on their face, and when I put make-up on top of it, I felt it looked fresher,” Davis said. “It was the first breakthrough product for us.”


L.A. Fashion Week launched at Smashbox Studios. “Our offices are at the studios, and these amazing fashion events and photo shoots go on all around us,” said Davis. “There’s a creative energy here that’s unlike any place I’ve ever been.”


As high-definition cameras became universal, photographers were searching for foundations that could stand the close-up scrutiny. Cue the creation of Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation SPF 15. Likewise, when photographers started asking for a powder that wouldn’t look dry or ‘cakey’ in images, Smashbox came to the rescue with Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder.


Smashbox Studios hosted the Hollywood Style Awards. “This is a real place. We have make-up that we’re using on trendsetters every single day, and people can experience a little piece of that through our collection,” Davis said.

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