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Our free Medisure Service is an easy way of helping you, or someone you care for, organise and take medicines at the right time every day

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Why choose Medisure?

It's important to take the right dose of your prescribed medicines at the right time. Some people may find this difficult if, for example, they have a complicated medicine routine or struggle to open medicine packaging. This is where our free Medisure Service may help.

What will Medisure do for you?

Boots Medisure can help you remember when to take your medicines by storing them in weekly blister packs. They're organised so all the medicines you need to take at the same time of day (such as in the morning) are packed together in one individual blister. Medisure comes in two dose blister packs (if you take medicines twice a day) or four dose blister packs (if you take medicines three or four times a day). Our pharmacist will discuss your needs, advise whether the service is right for you and whether your medication is suitable for storage in blister packs.

Who is it for?

The Medisure Service could help if, for example, you are:

  • Struggling to remember which medicines to take and when
  • Concerned that someone you care for is not taking their medicine properly
  • Responsible for organising someone else's medicines
  • Home again after a hospital stay caused by taking your medicines incorrectly
  • Home again after a hospital stay with lots of new tablets to take
  • Have a complicated medication routine
  • Visually impaired as blister packs make it easier to feel doses
  • Finding it difficult to open lots of different tablet packets or containers

How it works


Pop into your local pharmacy

Bring details of any medication you are taking


Talk about Medisure with a pharmacist

They can advise if it's right for you


Agree on a start date

We'll arrange to order and collect your prescription


  • Convenient: Available at over 2,000 Boots pharmacies in the UK
  • Flexible: No need for an appointment - just head into store
  • Face-to-face advice: Get any questions answered by our pharmacist

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