How to care for your eyesight

Did you know, up to 80% of our memories are made up of images? So looking after your eyes is really important

Regular eye tests

Getting an eye test at least every two years is a simple step you can take to care for your eyesight. And if you have children under 16, they are entitled to a free NHS funded eye test every year.

What you get with a Boots Opticians eye test:

  • We check your eyesight and health of your eyes
  • Look for early signs of common health problems like diabetes
  • Every eye test includes Digital Retinal Photography, so we can monitor changes in your eye health over time
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Everyday tips to help keep your eyes healthy

UV rays & your eyes

Your eyes are exposed to light from a range of sources but in some cases this can be harmful to them.

UV Rays

Your eyes are up to ten times more sensitive to UV damage from the sun than your skin is. Protecting your children's eyes, as well as your own, is particularly important because 80% of the eyes' lifetime exposure to UV happens before the age of 18.

Top tip: Upgrade to Boots Protect Plus or Boots Digital Enhance lenses which include UV protection on both sides of the lens for all round UV protection.

Give up smoking

Smoking is linked to Age Related Macular Degeneration, the leading cause of sight loss in the UK*. It is also known to make diabetes-related sight loss worse.

Stopping smoking is one of the healthiest things you can do.

Top tip: Research shows you are four times more likely to stop smoking with the help of a support service. Find out how Boots can help you with our stop smoking services and products.

*Macular Society charity

Eat a healthy diet

Just like the rest of the body, your eyes benefit from a healthy balanced diet. Foods such as oranges, peppers, eggs, dairy and nuts, have the biggest health benefits for your eyes.

Top tip: If you need a helping hand getting nutrients into your diet, you might want to consider a supplement.*

*Supplements should not be regarded as a substitute for a varied diet or healthy lifestyle. Your local Boots Opticians can advise on which ones are most suitable for you.

Soothe dry & irritated eyes

Air conditioning and regularly using computer screens can give you dry and irritated eyes. Dry eyes may make it easier for mild infections to inflame the eyelids.

Top tip: At Boots we offer a range of products to help soothe dry, irritated eyes:

  • Eye drops – instantly soothe irritated and red eyes
  • Eye sprays – great for using on the go
  • Eye gels – for a little extra relief at bedtime

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