Pair of glasses on an eye chart

Opticians advice & inspiration

Discover information and advice from Boots Opticians to help you and your family look after their eyes

Zookeeper Zoe

Join the adventure and find out more about Zookeeper Zoe, our free interactive eye check storybook and app

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Your eye test explained

Take the mystery out of your eye test appointment and find out what really happens when you go to the opticians

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Caring for your children’s eyes

Follow our simple steps to help you look after your child’s eyesight

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UV eye protection myth busters

Separate fact from fiction, find out the truth about UV eye damage and what you need to know to choose the right sunglasses for your needs

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Guide to your glasses' lenses

Let's recommend the best ones for you

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Find glasses to suit your face shape

At Boots, we think you should wear whatever frames make you feel the most fabulous, but there are a few tips and tricks for selecting glasses frames that flatter your features

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Choose your perfect glasses

With our Boots Opticians Personaleyes Frame Consultation, we'll make sure you find the perfect glasses to suit your style and budget

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Free NHS eye test and voucher

Find out if you could be eligible for a free NHS eye test or glasses discount

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How to choose your sunglasses

Let's see safely in the sun

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