Your guide to help you quit smoking

Nicotinell® understand that the start of any journey to quit or reduce smoking can be tough. We believe that the 7 steps below, can help you prepare for and see you through this challenging time.

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Choose the Nicotinell® product that suits you

Nicotinell®’s wide selection of products can help you stop smoking in several different ways, depending on your individual situation. Our nicotine gum and lozenges can help you quickly when you feel the urge to smoke. Our nicotine patch gives you a smooth and steady supply of nicotine to help keep cravings at bay. All of our products are available in different strengths to suit your needs.

Gum in four different flavours

  • On-the-go craving control
  • Nicotinell® gum comes in four flavours — find your favourite
  • Nicotinell® gum is available in two strengths, 2mg or 4mg nicotine, depending on how much you smoke

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Lozenges help control cravings fast

  • Fast craving relief
  • Nicotinell® lozenges have a fresh mint flavour
  • They help you fight your cravings discreetly, so you can use them without anyone noticing
  • Nicotinell® lozenges are available in two strengths: 1mg or 2mg depending on how much you smoke

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Patches help 24/7

  • No other patch provides more consistent nicotine delivery
  • Nicotinell® patches provide up to 24 hours of craving relief
  • Nicotinell® patches are available in three strengths: 7, 14 or 21mg/day, depending on how much you smoke

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Reasons to quit

Your journey towards a better life begins the moment you stop smoking. Even just a few hours of not smoking could have a positive impact on your health. Deciding on a motivation that resonates with you will give you the determination you need to make it happen. If you’re not sure what your motivation is, let’s figure it out together.

I want to be healthier

We all know someone who’s suffered the effects of smoking and it’s no secret that giving up smoking will have a hugely positive impact on your health.

I want my freedom back

Sometimes you might feel there’s nothing quite like the release of puffing on a cigarette but, trust us, the feeling of freeing yourself from the addiction of smoking is far better. Once you’re no longer dependent on nicotine you’ll have the time to focus on other, more important things.

I want to be a role model for my family

Whether you want to be more active with your children or have a younger sibling that you want to set a good example to, there’s no better motivator to help you kick your smoking habit than family.


Understanding which occasions or environments drive your cravings wild will remind you to take extra precautions.

If you want to manage the temptations around you, we’ve got ideas to put you in control of your smoking.

It’s important to make sure you are not surrounded by things that remind you of smoking or that make you want to smoke. By creating a smoke-free zone, you are less likely to pick up a cigarette and smoke it as it won’t be easily available.

To do this:

  • Remove cigarettes and ashtrays at home, work and in the car
  • Avoid places where you can smoke
  • Ask your smoker friends not to smoke around you


We understand that quitting smoking is not only about the physical side of it, but smokers also need help with the psychological and habitual issues. Just remember: to embrace the challenge, stay motivated and know that we’ll be here to help you achieve your goal and provide help and support throughout your journey to quit smoking.

Cut down with Nicotinell® and you can double your chances of quitting compared to willpower alone. It releases controlled amounts of nicotine to help you manage physical cravings, thus allowing you to focus on the mental aspects of stopping smoking and break a habit if smoking has become part of your routine.

  • Cutting down with Nicotinell® is a proven effective method to stop smoking
  • Helps to make withdrawal symptoms less intense
  • You can break your habit gradually
  • Cut down at your own pace


Choosing a mentor to encourage and guide you on your journey — ideally someone with experience of quitting smoking successfully — can really help.

It helps to have someone to call on who has also changed their smoking habit. They know the challenges and can offer tips on how they managed to control their cravings or cope with difficult situations.

Getting ready to quit smoking may seem a little daunting. To help you get started, we’ve put together a few hints and tips.

1. Don’t do it alone. Cutting back with a friend will give you someone to vent to when you need support or motivation, knowing you are not in it alone.

2. Cut down on your smoking. Gradually replace each cigarette with Nicotinell®. Then pick a date that you would like to be smoke-free by (between 6 weeks and 6 months from the time you start). Remember, don’t feel stressed or put too much pressure on yourself. Just take it at your own pace and choose a time you feel is realistic.

3. When you feel ready, you can stop smoking cigarettes completely. Choose a date that suits you, and make sure you’re prepared to withstand the urge to smoke. Remember, Nicotinell® is there to keep helping you out.

4. Stop using nicotine replacement aids. Steadily reduce your Nicotinell® intake so you can stop using it completely within 12 months.

5. Have you slipped? Don’t worry. You are not alone in hitting obstacles. Stick to your goal and keep fighting.


Learning about the quitting smoking process is essential to kicking the habit. Being informed will help you prepare for any challenges you could face along the way. Discover facts about smoking and get the insight you’ll need with the help of your pharmacist or healthcare professionals.

Want to know why you smoke? We can give you the knowledge you need to prepare for the pitfalls ahead and to say no to cigarettes.

There are three reasons why it’s hard to cut out your cigarettes:

  • Your body is addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes
  • Smoking is a habit linked to everyday things you do, like eating
  • Smoking is linked to your emotions, like being stressed

The addiction to nicotine is particularly important as you can experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms, which can peak three days* after your last cigarette. Symptoms can include: a craving to smoke, irritability, restlessness, anxiety, headaches, dizziness and increased appetite.**

As Nicotinell® products contain nicotine they can help control these symptoms.***

***Nicotinell® 2mg and 4mg support Icemint, Liquorice, Mint and Fruit Medicated Chewing Gums, Nicotinell® Mint 1mg and 2mg compressed lozenges and Nicotinell® Patch TTS30
Step 1, TTS20 Step 2 and TTS10 Step 3 contain nicotine. Stop smoking aid. Requires willpower. Always read the label


Rewarding yourself as you make progress is important for keeping motivation high. We’ll keep a record of your journey and pop you a reminder to treat yourself as you reach key milestones.

Changing your smoking habit is a huge achievement — celebrate and reward yourself when you reach a major milestone!

There are many rewards when it comes to changing your smoking habits. For example:

  • Financial – put aside the money you would normally spend each day on cigarettes. You’ll be surprised at how quickly that can mount up.
  • Health – stopping smoking can have major health benefits. In the long-term it reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and certain cancers*. But did you know, your body starts feeling the benefit just 20 minutes after your last cigarette?


The first two weeks of stopping smoking are the toughest, so plan your rewards so you have something to look forward to.

Major milestones to celebrate include:

  • The first day
  • The first week
  • The second week
  • The first time you stayed strong and didn’t smoke when you were tempted

Nicotinell® 2mg and 4mg support Icemint, Liquorice, Mint and Fruit Medicated Chewing Gums, Nicotinell® Mint 1mg and 2mg compressed lozenges and Nicotinell® Patch TTS30
Step 1, TTS20 Step 2 and TTS10 Step 3 contain nicotine. Stop smoking aid. Requires willpower. Always read the label.