Nail Apthecary

10 Top Tips For Gorgeous Nails

  1. Apply Cuticle Eliminator after your manicure to speed nail drying time.
  2. Cuticle Elixir can double as a hand and body oil, providing super moisturised skin for those areas in need of a little TLC.
  3. Add a little luxe to your French manicure by using the 24kt gold ridge filler as an alternative to your standard nude/pink base.
  4. Rejuvenate your gel manicure Simply swipe over a coat of 24kt gold ridge filler or Gel Effect Top Coat for an instantly refreshed look.
  5. The ToughFlex Base Coat doubles as a nail strengthener – a must-have dual purpose product.
  1. 24kt gold ridge filler is perfect for enhancing the look of toenails and ageing hands.
  2. For men in need of a nail rescue, the Matte Effect Top Coat provides the perfect solution for healthy looking nails without a glossy shine.
  3. For those afraid of using cuticle tools, simply rub Cuticle Eliminator into cuticles for a gentle removal.
  4. Unlike other nail strengtheners on the market, ToughFlex Base Coat is designed for continuous use, meaning super-strong nails at all times.
  5. Nail Apothecary ToughFlex Base Coat and top coats all include a UV filter to prevent discolouration of nails.

Our Ingredients Explained

  • Vitamin E – promotes nail growth
  • Vitamin F – moisturises cuticles and nails and prevents cracking and peeling
  • Lingonberry seed oil – to boost hydration
  • Keratin-like formula – provides a protective matrix so nails are less likely to split and tear
  • Naturally-derived plant keratin – promotes healthy, strong growth and structural support
  • UV filter – protects the nail from discolouration