Changes to our Cervical Cancer Vaccination Service

This service is now only available to existing Boots CCVS customers who started their course of vaccinations before 25 January 2017.

You can book for your second or third vaccination below

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New customers

We are no longer offering our Cervical Cancer Vaccination Service to new customers. 

Instead we are offering the HPV Vaccination Service protecting men and women against the human papilloma virus, subject to suitability. 

The HPV Vaccination Service provides women with protection against 90% of cervical cancers and helps protect men and women against some other HPV related cancers. It also provides protection against genital warts.

Find out about our HPV Vaccination Service here

Existing CCVS customers only, please book your next vaccination

Group bookings: If you are making a group booking, please note all members of the group must have received their first CCVS vaccination with Boots before 25 January 2017. Anyone this does not apply to must book the new HPV Vaccination Service separately.

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