Boots In-store Hair Retention Programme


Who can use this service?

The in-store hair loss programme combines one-to-one support from a trained Boots pharmacist with access to prescription-only hair loss tablets called Propecia following a consultation.* 

To use this service, you must be at least 18 years old and male.

The service is only suitable for male pattern baldness. If you think you’re experiencing any other form of hair loss, speak to your GP for advice.

*Eligibility criteria apply.

How it works


Book an appointment in selected stores to speak to one of our specially-trained pharmacists in a private consultation room in store


Buy an initial four-week trial pack, if your consultation shows the treatment’s suitable for you


Have regular reviews with a pharmacist to check your progress and buy any further supplies*

*Subject to stock availability

What results can I expect from this service?

Treatment for male pattern baldness aims to prevent further hair loss and increase hair growth. Studies show the treatment:

  • Prevents further hair loss in nine out of ten men who stick with it
  • Starts to produce results in as little as three months of continuous treatment
  • Causes some new hair growth with long-term treatment in two out of three men 


The first time you buy the treatment, you’ll only be able to buy a four-week supply to make sure it agrees with you. Afterwards, you can buy further supplies in-store after a review with a pharmacist. You can buy these in batches as follows:

£49 for 4 weeks

£86 for 8 weeks

£98 for 12 weeks 

£190 for 24 weeks

You must use the treatment continuously for sustained results. If you stop, any results will begin to reverse within six months and will be lost by 12 months.

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