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Guide to your glasses' lenses

Find the right lenses for you

The right pair of glasses can make a real difference to how you see, look and feel. Choosing the right lens to suit your lifestyle is also important.

Your lens prescription

Different types of lenses are designed to meet different eyesight needs. Your optometrist will recommend the best one for you.

Single vision lenses: Included in the cost of your glasses

Help you to either see things far away (such as driving or watching TV) or close up (such as reading or using digital devices).

Standard varifocal lenses: £50

Help you to see at all distances without needing separate pairs of glasses. We also offer a choice of varifocal upgrade options which are designed to meet different lifestyle needs.

Bifocal lenses: £50

Help you to see far away and close up. They have a different prescription on the top and bottom of the lens, with a visible line across the middle.

Occupational lenses: From £65

Help you to see clearly within the office environment or for specific hobbies. 

Boots lenses

All our glasses and prescription sunglasses include Boots Protect lenses which are scratch resistant and reflection free.

Boots Protect Plus finish: £50

All the benefits of our Boots Protect finish, with UV protection on the front and back of the lens and 50% more scratch resistance. They’re also dust, water and smudge resistant for clearer vision and easy care.

Thin and light lenses: £60

Up to 25% thinner and 43% lighter than our standard lens, these lenses offer improved comfort and a wider choice of frames.

Boots Transitions lenses: £80

Adapt to changing light conditions to offer protection from UV rays, so you only need one pair of glasses for inside and out.

Polarised lenses: £70

Significantly reduce glare from reflective surfaces like snow, roads and water and help offer protection from UV rays. A good option for daytime driving and outside sports.

We also offer a range of branded lenses and specialist prescription safety glasses, sport glasses, swimming goggles and masks. Ask in store for details.

Need help choosing your lenses? 

At Boots Opticians we’ll talk you through our different lens options to help you find the perfect lenses for your lifestyle. Find your nearest Boots Opticians store. 

Book an eye test

If you’re due an eye test or not sure of your lens prescription, you can book an eye test online, pop into your local store or call us on 0345 125 3752. (Local call rates apply. Mobile charges may vary)

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