The most popular of all the families. Floral fragrances are often fresh, romantic and feminine - perfect for everyday wear. Single florals are dominated by one particular flower, such as rose, whereas floral bouquets are a harmony of different floral notes, none of which dominate over the others

Five common notes...

1. Rose

Known as ‘Queen of Flowers’, the rose has been highly valued for centuries for its fresh, heady, romantic and feminine scent. The delicate petals are hand-picked either in early morning or before dusk and the essential oil is extracted the very same day. It takes about 2,000 rose flowers to produce one gram of essential oil.

Rose picture

2. Lavender

This vibrant, violet coloured and beautifully scented flower has been used for centuries as a natural remedy, to help aid sleep and chase away bad dreams. Depending on the type of lavender, its essential oil can have very sweet or distinctively sharp aromas. It is best known in the perfume industry for its aromatic, calming and almost medicinal scent.

Lavender picture

3. Violet

This delicate purple flower appears in early spring, before trees grow their leaves. It is best known for its sweet floral scent and therapeutic properties. The scent of the flower is different to the scent of the leaves; the flower has a sweet powdery, woody scent, while the leaves give off an intensely green aroma.

Violet picture

4. Jasmine

The jasmine flower originates from the Far East and releases its fragrance at night after the sun has set. Often referred to as the ‘King of Oils’, it has been hugely valuable for centuries and has been believed to have rejuvenating and energising properties. Still considered one of the most expensive and exotic oils today, it has a unique and intense aroma; sweet, romantic and slightly green.

Jasmine picture

5. Lily

Ancient Greeks worshiped lilies as a symbol of purity and fertility.. The beauty of the lily and its connection with power in human history explain its popularity still today; characteristics of the flower are often reflected in its fragrant scent: feminine, yet dominant. Smooth, yet powerful; it also has spicy, waxy aromas with aspects of brine and sweet florals.

Lily picture

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