Where is Our Cocoa Butter Made

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Where is Our Cocoa Butter Made?

Want to know what exactly goes into your beauty products? From field to tub, we show you what's involved.


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Published August 2009

Cocoa Butter. We love the stuff – especially since products from the Boots Extracts range are Fairtrade. But what does that mean exactly?

We all love Cocoa Butter for its nourishing, skin pampering properties, but have you ever wondered how this beauty staple is produced? We take a look at how Fairtrade products enable farmers to make a decent living from harvesting cocoa beans, leaving you to enjoy Boots Extracts Cocoa Butter products safe in the knowledge that you're helping to make a difference – win-win!

What is a Fairtrade Co-operative?

A Fairtrade co-operative works to secure the price of products such as cocoa beans, the vital ingredient in Cocoa Butter, ensuring that farmers get a fixed amount for their produce. This means that, regardless of the global market, the farmers of products like cocoa beans are guaranteed a stable income.

So Where Does Cocoa Butter Come From?

Cocoa Butter comes from cocoa beans, which originate in pods. The farmer opens the cocoa pod on his farm and cleans the cocoa bean inside, before delivering it to the processing area. Here the cocoa beans are divided up according to quality, and sent to fermenting houses, where they develop their chocolate taste and texture. The cocoa bean is then left to dry in the sun, before being packed for export. This whole process takes around five days.

How Does Fairtrade Benefit the Supplier?

Farmers are guaranteed a fixed price for each bag of cocoa beans they produce, enabling them to re-invest any profits into the local community. This means that by buying Fairtrade beauty products like Boots Extracts Cocoa Butter Body Butter you are helping people like Leonidas Manzueta from the Dominican Republic. With the support of Fairtrade and Boots, Leonidas has been able to educate his children, and his local community has also benefited from the erection of a water standpipe.

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