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Where Can i Get Tested?


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Published 13th November 2008

We know it can be hard to talk about sex and you might feel nervous about visiting your GP practice or clinic. That's why selected Boots pharmacies are now providing confidential chlamydia testing (laboratory standard) and treatment for people aged 16 and over.

If you're aged between 16 and 24 years and have ever had sex (even if it was months or years ago), you may be eligible for a free test*.


What do I have to do? 

You can buy a test kit from the healthcare area at any participating Boots store*.

Selected Boots Pharmacies now offer a Chlamydia Screening Service. If you live in London we may be able to offer this Pharmacy Service free of charge, Boots are working with the Department of Health to offer tests free of charge to those aged 16 to 25. To find your local Boots store offering this service, click here to go to our Store Locator page.

You can also buy a Chalmydia Testing Kit from boots.com if you are 16 years of age or over.


Boots Chlamydia Test Kit

The test is simple and painless. You just need to provide a urine sample and fill in the form inside the test kit. Tear off the customer receipt from the form and keep this somewhere safe - it contains your unique Customer Reference Number. Then post your sample to the central laboratory in the pre-paid postal box provided.

The kit contains everything you need and you'll find full instructions on the back of the pack. Ask one of our pharmacists if you need any help.


Getting Tested-Six Easy Steps

1. Buy a test kit in store or click here to buy one online

2. Write your surname and Customer Reference Number on the bottle label

3. Provide a urine sample

4. Fill in the form and tear off the Customer Receipt-keep this somewhere safe

5. Post your sample to the laboratory

6. Result within 7 days by text, email or letter. Alternatively, you can phone our confidential result line on freephone* 0800 107 8880 (this is an automated phone service).


What if I had unprotected sex only recently - will chlamydia show up on the test?

After coming into contact with chlamydia, it can sometimes take up to 3 weeks for the infection to show up with the test. You should bear this in mind when deciding when to take the test.

The Boots test can tell you if you have chlamydia or not, but it doesn't test for other STIs. If you'd like information on how you can get tested for other STIs, talk to your Boots Pharmacist or visit your GP or local clinic.

Click here to find out about Chlamydia test results

*Some Boots pharmacies are taking part in local NHS schemes that offer free testing. Age limits may apply.

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