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WrittenbyKen Scotton31/10/2012

Which mobility scooter is right for me?

Our simple guide will help you to decide on the most suitable model to fit your lifestyle.

Nothing beats being independent, but buying a mobility scooter for the first time can be confusing with all the different makes, models and features available, so it's important that your new scooter fits in with your lifestyle. The ST Strider range of mobility scooters from Boots together with Patterson Medical will help you travel in style, safety and comfort.

Lady on mobility scooter chatting with a friend

Q: I enjoy taking trips in my car so I want a mobility scooter that is easy to take apart and put in the boot.
A: You might want to look at the ST1 and ST2, mobility scooters. Both are lightweight and compact models that are easy to dismantle and transport.

Q: I'm looking for a simple mobility scooter that has everything I need for short trips in my local area.
A: Take a look at the ST1, ST2 and ST3. Each mobility scooter is easy to use and ideal for local trips.

Q: I want a powerful mobility scooter that is also easy to transport.
A: As well as being lightweight and easy to dismantle, the ST3 has a better battery range than the ST1 and ST2, allowing you to travel further on a full charge.

Q: I'm looking for a mobility scooter that offers great all-round performance - inside and outdoors.
A: Whether you're in your local shopping centre or popping down to the post office you'll find that the ST4E is very easy to drive. Designed to drive on pavements, this compact scooter is a great all-rounder.

Q: I want to be able to travel on main roads.
A: The ST4D and ST5D are both road-legal mobility scooters.

Q: I want a mobility scooter that will comfortably accommodate my larger build.
A: With 28-stone user capacity, the ST5D model may be perfect for you. It's built with strength, comfort and practicality in mind.

Q: I'm always out and about so I'm looking for a powerful mobility scooter with a high specification and plenty of comfort.
A: The ST4D is a Class 3 scooter - which means it has been designed to drive on, and off, the road. It has an integrated suspension and extra safety features and being compact and comfortable makes it a good all-rounder.

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