What are the Causes of ED

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Information & Advice

What are the Causes of ED?

Published 13th November 2008

There are several causes of ED, but medical professionals recognise two distinct categories:

1. Organic causes

This is where a physical reason or a medical condition is responsible. Examples of organic causes of ED include:

  • Medical conditions such as diabetes, disease of the heart and blood vessels or multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Injury to the spine and nerve damage in particular
  • An unhealthy lifestyle. Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity or a lack of exercise all significantly increase the risk of ED.

2. Psychological causes

ED may sometimes be the result of psychological causes including:

  • anxiety
  • worrying
  • stress
  • depression

However, please remember that it might not always be so clear cut. The causes of ED can be a combination of both organic and psychological factors.

The good news is, whatever the cause, the Boots ED service can help most men with erectile dysfunction.

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