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Slim.Fast success stories

If you want inspiration to start losing weight, read these Slim.Fast success stories to find out how it helped others and might help you.

If you want to lose weight but are not sure where to start, these inspirational success stories from Slim.Fast will give you more information and could be just the motivation you need.

Laura's story

My Mum always spoke her mind and used to say there was a size 12 person trapped in my body. She could see how unhappy I was, but truly gave me the best support and encouragement to start dieting. I was fed up with not feeling attractive or pretty when dressing up. I felt fat in my wedding dress and even worse when I became a bridesmaid for my sister. Nothing fitted or looked nice, all my clothes were a large size and I was so unhappy. I weighed myself and thought enough was enough; it's time for a change. I tried so many diets in the past and my willpower is pretty poor. Being a nurse and always on the go, it's easy to eat rubbish food and snack. The Slim.Fast shakes are delicious; there is a large variety of flavours that I love and it was simple to have my calories worked out for me with the easy 3.2.1 Plan. I know that I can enjoy a shake and use the guide to have healthy snacks in between.

Now I feel confident in my own skin, I used to hate seeing myself naked in the bath; I'd never go swimming because I hated my body. Now I love wearing tight tops that complement my figure. I now look forward to going out because I love getting dressed up in pretty dresses and because I feel happy with how I look. It's so lovely to be complimented, and for people to say I have been an inspiration to them. Many friends and work colleagues have started the Slim.Fast 3.2.1 Plan, because they have seen the excellent results that I have achieved from it. I cannot believe that I am wearing the size 12 clothes my Mum often spoke about imagining me in. Thanks to Slim.Fast I am the happiest I could ever be. I would recommend it to anyone because I can guarantee as it says on the can it has been scientifically proven and I am sure with the support from the Slim.Fast team, the regular contact via email, the forums, the helpful recipes and encouragement, you'll do it because it really does work and you'll be as happy as me, which I can tell you is the greatest feeling ever.

Andrew's story

I wanted to improve my health and fitness. I was feeling tired and slow every day and with two young boys I wanted to keep up with them. My waist line was 36" and I didn't like the way I looked. I had had enough and was determined from that point to do something about my weight. I had an American friend who lost weight using Slim.Fast so I spoke to him and then followed the 3.2.1 Plan. I had fruit for the '3' snacks. Slim.Fast offered a very simple and straightforward approach without endless calorie counting.

I have much more energy both at home and at work. My improvement in running was an unexpected side effect. I was barely managing to do 10km in under an hour; then after training I entered the Brighton 10K race in November 2010 and ran it in under 45 minutes! People around me have also noticed the change in me and how much better and healthier I look and because I have lost weight, my blood pressure is also now under control. It is also great for my two boys who enjoy having their Dad fool around on the playground equipment with them - before I would just stand at the side. I still use Slim.Fast now as it helps me to maintain my weight.

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