How can I sleep better Customers review Sleepio

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Written on01/08/2012

How can I sleep better? Customers review Sleepio

If you want to find a way to sleep better, Sleepio could be for you.

Sleepio is a sleep improvement programme clinically-proven to help overcome even long term poor sleep. Here, a few people who have tried Sleepio describe how it has helped them.

Sleepio Reviews

Anita - Sleepio reviewer

How I learned to sleep better

Anita, poor sleep for three years

“Sleepio has changed my life - seriously!”

Before Sleepio I felt so down because I just couldn't see an end to my sleep problems. The course made me realise all the things I was doing wrong. The sessions themselves are well set out, easy to understand and you know you are getting knowledge and help from the experts, based on real research regarding your sleep. You are in good hands! I also liked the fact that you can get advice from other members. It makes a difference having contact with people who understand what you are going through. I'm now actually living my life again. I have even managed to go back to work full-time. So, if you suffer from poor sleep I urge you to join Sleepio. It has helped me so much.

Laura - Sleepio reviewer

How I learned to sleep better

Laura, poor sleep since childhood

“The best gift to myself I could ever have given”

The Sleepio course has been amazing - it's totally transformed my sleep! It explains the reasoning and research behind all the tools and exercises and, although it has been difficult at times, it has been well worth the effort. Before the course I used to spend nearly every night waking up several times, sometimes unable to get back to sleep. Now I fall asleep quickly, rarely wake during the night and feel more awake during the day. I no longer dread going to bed at night and, if I can't sleep, I now have the tools to deal with it. I suffered with poor sleep for such a long time, I never realised how much it was affecting me during the day until my sleep improved. I feel like a new person now - I never would have believed I could sleep through the night without waking at least once! It has been the best gift to myself I could ever have given

Neil - Sleepio reviewer

Help with sleeping

Neil, poor sleep for 30 years

“I now have the tools to become the master of my own sleep!”

My poor sleep started back in the late 80s, for no particular reason, and it has been with me ever since. My sleep was very patchy, on good nights I would get five to six hours and on a bad night it would be three or four hours leaving me feeling constantly sick and finding it hard to work. Sleepio has put all the bricks in place to enable me to handle my sleep problems, and to give a sense of perspective when I have the occasional bad night these days. I now have the tools to work on my poor sleep over the coming year and become the master of my own sleep! If, like me, you have been trying to find a solution to your sleep problem, via your doctor, books or internet, then I can recommend that you give the course a go. Sleepio has helped me with my 30 year history of sleep problems; hopefully it can do the same for you as well!

Mary - Sleepio reviewer

How to sleep better

Mary, poor sleep for 10 years

“I started to see changes within weeks, which was amazing”

The course has been amazing and my sleep efficiency is now around 80 percent. I actually wake up feeling refreshed now - I had forgotten what that felt like. I no longer have to struggle through each day. I particularly love keeping my Sleep Diary, which I often read back through to see the difference this course has made on my sleep. I think when you start any plan you always have doubts especially when you have had the problems for years. With the Sleepio course you start to see changes within weeks, which I think is amazing. There are parts of the course that are hard but if you follow them you will not regret it.

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