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Choose Shapers for healthy lunch ideas

Let Shapers calorie-controlled meals make your diet regime easier. Whether you're trying to lose weight, concentrating on weight maintenance, or just want an interesting, delicious and tasty meal or snack, there's a Shapers to suit you.

We've got loads of healthy food ideas for lunches including sandwiches, sushi, wraps, salads or food for warming up in the microwave and eating hot for your lunch; or a bagel, porridge or muffin for breakfast.

Are you a calorie counter? Let Shapers do it for you

Every complete Shapers lunch meal - consisting of a main (salad, sushi, sandwich or wrap), a snack (or a dessert) and a drink - is guaranteed to be 500 calories or less.

All Shapers mains dishes are a tidy 350 calories or less. So you no longer need to check how many calories are in that cheese sandwich.

All Shapers snacks total 100 calories or less. So you can feel good knowing you can still have that chocolate treat, or a packet of crisps. And with Shapers you'll have the added benefit of knowing we have carefully controlled the amounts of saturated fat, salt and sugars. Plus we say 'no' to hydrogenated fats, artificial flavours and artificial colours.

Forget crash diets, make Shapers part of your healthy eating plan.

Pick up a Shapers lunch Meal Deal - exclusive to Boots

All Shapers lunch dishes are part of the Boots Meal Deal. This means you can mix and match a main course, a snack and a drink for one set price.

How many calories are in your lunch box?

Do you know how many calories are in your usual lunch? Don't forget to include a drink and a snack. You might not even be able to work it out if you have lunch from your work canteen. With Shapers, you don't need a calorie counter.

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