Discover RoC® Sublime™ Energy with E-PULSE™ Skin Electro-Stimulation Technology™

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Discover RoC® Sublime™ Energy with E-PULSE™ Skin Electro-Stimulation Technology™

Learn how RoC's revolutionary new Sublime Energy™ range uses bioelectricity to help improve your skin's appearance.

Published 20/10/2010

Jump-start your skin with RoC Sublime Energy™, the new anti-ageing range that uses E-PULSE™ Skin Electro-Stimulation Technology™ to help rejuvenate your skin.

Looking for a skin care range that ticks all the anti-ageing boxes? A product of eight years of research, NEW two-step RoC Sublime Energy™ is the first range to help stimulate your skin's rejuvenation process* by using E-PULSE™ Skin Electro-Stimulation Technology™ to harness the power of bioelectricity.

Bioelectricity: the anti-ageing secret harnessed by RoC

What's bioelectricity got to do with ageing? A wrinkle here, a line there. You may not realise it, but bioelectricity is fundamental to your skin's rejuvenation process. Skin cells need bioelectricity to signal to one another so when bioelectrical signals naturally diminish with age this can lead to decreased cell-to-cell communication and, eventually, signs of ageing such as wrinkles, loss of firmness and uneven skin tone.

RoC Sublime Energy Eye

RoC Sublime Energy harnesses the power of bioelectricity

A brand new approach to anti-ageing, new Sublime Energy™ offers a true first for a topical skin care range: the use of E-PULSE™ Skin Electro-Stimulation Technology™ to create and safely deliver natural levels of electricity to the skin, mimicking the bioelectric currents found naturally in young, healthy skin. The result? Cell-to-cell communication continues; the skin's rejuvenation process gets a jump-start.

Benefits of using the Sublime Energy™ range include:

Advanced anti-ageing action
The appearance of fine lines, dark circles, eye folds, under eye bags and upper eyelid puffiness is reduced.

Immediate results
Clinical tests** demonstrate visible results in just three hours.

Clinical tests*** found it was mild enough to use even in the delicate eye area without causing sensitivity or irritation.

What products are included in the RoC Sublime Energy™ range?

RoC's new Sublime Energy™ is a new two-step range that includes a day cream, night cream and an eye cream:

Each formulation includes energised particles of zinc and copper which act as 'mini batteries' to help jump-start the skin rejuvenation process.

How does the two-step process work?

The unique two-step process is key to the Sublime Energy™ range. First, the e-pulse™ concentrate is applied. This contains energised particles of zinc and copper that generate thousands of imperceptible electrical pulses. (The e-pulse™ concentrate is grey, but clear on application.) Then, when the activating moisturiser is applied, it triggers the bioelectrical currents, mimicking the body's own bioelectricity to accelerate the skin's repair process and moisturise the skin.

RoC Sublime Energy™ – discover a new approach to anti-ageing and jump-start your skin's rejuvenation process today.

*in-vitro data only
** Consumer in-use study. 81% saw visible improvements in wrinkles around the eyes.
*** Human Repeat Insult Patch Tests (RIPT) in more than 1,000 subjects.

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