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Product description

Rio Dental Polisher features:

• Helps to remove stubborn stains and discolouration
• Helps to eliminate dangerous build-up of plaque and tartar
• Helps keep teeth and gums clean and healthy
• Plaque removal and tooth whitening 

Rio Dental Polisher
The Rio Dental Polisher provides an easy to use dental hygiene and tooth-whitening regime. The Dental Polisher kit helps to remove temporary stains and discolourisation and helps to eliminate the dangerous build-up of plaque. 

The kit comes with an interdental pik, plaque removal tool and stain eraser. You should use this kit in conjunction with your normal tooth brushing regime. It is important that you maintain regular visits to your dentist at intervals suggested by your dentist. 

Dental Hygiene Problems tackled by the Rio Dental Polisher:

Tooth decay
Plaque is one of the underlining factors behind the cause of tooth decay. It is a colourless, sticky layer of bacteria that builds up on the surface of the teeth that reacts with the sugars and starches found in the foods we eat and drink. This reaction produces acids that attack the tooth enamel weakening it, and leaving it vulnerable to the development of tooth cavities.

There are three places on and around the tooth that decay can occur:

1. Careless brushing means that plaque can gather in the grooves on the tops of the teeth (the biting surfaces).

2. Plaque and food particles can build-up in between the teeth where a toothbrush cannot reach. Flossing in between these areas or using an interdental pik regularly are the most effective ways to remove the particles and plaque, preventing any further build-up.

3. If plaque is left to build-up on the surface of the teeth and the areas not protected by enamel, cavities will quickly develop. Using a Plaque Removal tool as part of your regular dental care is the most effective way of preventing any further build-up.

Gum disease
Regular cleaning and brushing of your teeth, in between and below the gum line should be an essential part of your dental regime to help prevent gum disease. If plaque build-up is not removed regularly, the bacteria in it will produce acid and toxins, irritating and damaging the teeth and gums.

At the earliest stage of gum disease, symptoms may include soreness, swelling, inflammation and bleeding. If left to develop any further, more severe symptoms will occur, such as, the deterioration of the gums and bones that support the teeth.

As symptoms at this early stage are initially less visible and therefore harder to detect alone, regular visits to your dentist must be made so that dental examinations can be carried out. The key is early detection as once the disease has started, the damage is irreversible. Later symptoms develop into swollen gums and pockets are created.

The gums begin to fall away from the teeth. The teeth become very sensitive and gums easily bleed when brushing. These stages become more severe causing pus in between teeth and gums, the roots to decay and loosen, leading to the eventual loss of teeth.

The Rio Dental Polisher kit explained:

The Dental Polisher
The Dental Polisher will help you to remove stains and discolouration on the front teeth like the Stain Eraser. It will also shine and polish your front teeth, providing you with a dental regime you can use between visits to your dentist.

How to use:
Place the rubber cap on the dental polisher and spread a small amount of whitening paste over it and on over the front teeth if you wish. Using an up and down, back and forth motion, move over the teeth you wish to polish.

The dental polisher must not be used more than twice a month. You are advised to brush your teeth twice a day and continue to use the interdental pik, plaque removal tool and stain eraser whenever needed. Be sure to visit your dentist for regular check-ups and dental care.

The Interdental Pik

The pik is used to remove food particles, plaque and tartar build-up from the hard to reach places between your teeth and gums.

How to use:
Hold the pik like you would a pen. Use the dental mirror to get a clear view of the hard to reach places between your teeth and gums. Use the hook to pick out any plaque, tartar or food particles that may be trapped.

The Plaque Removal Tool
This tool allows you to wipe away this build-up from the surrounding areas on the surface of the teeth and gums.

How to use
Again, hold like a pen and use the dental mirror to view the area. Using one of the scraping edges, move the edge over the tooth surface with light to medium pressure. Remove the plaque and tartar until the surface is smooth and clean. Repeat on all teeth. Only use the Plaque Removal Tool on the enamel part of the teeth and not the gums. The interdental pik and Plaque Removal Tool are for adult use only.

Health Tip: As certain elements found in plaque can cause clotting and even increase the risk of heart disease in some people, regularly rinse mouth thoroughly with water or mouthwash while using the interdental pik and Plaque Removal Tool.
Do not swallow any of the plaque or tartar removed. If gums begin to bleed stop use and consult your dentist.

Stain Eraser
This eraser provides you with a home tool to remove tough stains on the front teeth such as tea, coffee and tobacco. You will find two types, the orange is slightly harder, the clear is softer. Try both to see which you are most comfortable with.

How to use
Place a tip onto the end of the stain eraser. If heavy plaque and/or food particles are present, brush teeth beforehand and use the interdental pik and/or plaque removal tool. Rinse mouth thoroughly with mouthwash.

Then apply a small amount of whitening paste to the tip and rub the stained areas of the front teeth with the tip using light to medium pressure. Rinse your mouth out and repeat if stains are still visible. Re-apply paste when required.

Box includes

  • The Rio Dental Polisher
  • Dental Mirror
  • Interdental Pik
  • Plaque Removal Tool
  • Stain Eraser Tool
  • Tube of Teeth Whitening Paste
  • Rubber Polishing Caps
  • Tooth and Gum Line Massage Tips
  • Product Stand
  • Instruction Booklet
  • 2 x Batteries

Hazards and Cautions

This kit is not an alternative to dental visits and is for single person use to avoid any possibility of cross infection of gum disease.

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Rio Dental Polisher- Home Dental Hygiene Kit


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The Rio Dental Polisher provides an easy to use dental hygiene and tooth-whitening regime. The Dental Polisher kit helps to remove temporary stains and discolourisation and eliminate the dangerous build-up of plaque. Say yes to white teeth!

Includes a Stain Eraser tool

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