The Great British Sleep Survey

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The Great British Sleep Survey

Toss and turn at night or sleep like a baby? Take part in the Great British Sleep Survey to find out how you, and the whole nation, could sleep better.

A good night's sleep is important not only for aiding concentration levels, but also for supporting good overall health

Most adults need between seven and eight hours of sleep each night, but this can be difficult to achieve – particularly for those who suffer from sleep disorders. Research indicates that a quarter of Brits suffer from some form of sleep disorder, ranging from snoring and restless leg syndrome to sleep apnoea and insomnia. For some, this can have a real impact on how they function day-to-day.

To try and find new ways to understand and deal with these problems, we bring you the Great British Sleep Survey.

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About the Great British Sleep Survey

The Great British Sleep Survey is a collaboration between Boots and Sleepio, a new organisation dedicated to finding new ways to help people sleep better.

Who's behind the survey?

The survey is designed by Professor Colin Espie, who has spent 25 years studying sleep problems. He founded and runs the Sleep Centre at the University of Glasgow, chairs the World Sleep Federation task force on Insomnia and co-founded Sleepio. You can read more about him here.

Why are Boots involved?

Boots and Boots WebMD recognise how important good sleep is to their customers and the significant role healthy sleep is in promoting good general health. We hope that the Great British Sleep Survey allows Boots customers to access useful information and advice about their sleep, and the data collected helps inform effective future treatments for sleep problems.

What is Sleepio?

Sleepio is an organisation dedicated to finding new ways to help people sleep better. Over the next year we will be collecting information about people's sleep to help us develop new tools and methods to promote good sleep.

What does the survey involve?

The survey asks questions about your sleep and health. It should take no more than 5 minutes to complete and can be submitted entirely anonymously. You will receive a tailored sleep report with information and advice that may be helpful to you. If you'd like to receive ongoing updates about the project you can also submit your email address. This will allow us to let you know when Sleepio develops new tools that are relevant to any particular problems you have.

How will the information I submit be used?

By bringing together all the survey data we will be able to summarise how the UK is sleeping! We will be able to analyse the information, for example, by geographical district, by gender and across age groups. We will never publish information in any form that would allow you to be identified. Likewise, we will never share your email address or individual data with any other third party.

However, if you provide an email address we may get in contact again. We can keep you up to date on follow-up research or treatments that we think may be helpful for you, based on your individual responses to the survey.

Click here to take the survey

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