Cough, cold and flu

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Although there is no cure for the common cold, there are many products available that can help relieve the symptoms. Antibiotics cannot usually treat a cold, but Boots has a range of products that help to tackle the symptoms of colds. Cold symptoms can include a runny nose, sinus congestion, headache, sneezing and a sore throat. You can use the BootsWebMD Symptom Checker to investigate further. To prevent germs from spreading, catch sneezes in tissues, bin it as quickly as possible, and use a hand sanitiser.


Whether you have a chesty cough (sometimes known as a productive cough) or a dry cough (or non-productive), we have a range of cough medicines. Sore throat remedies can also help. If your cough has lasted more than three weeks, or you are coughing up blood or mucus that is not clear or white, you should talk to a Pharmacist or GP who will be able to assist further.


Flu (or Influenza) is, like the common cold, a contagious viral infection but the symptoms of flu can be a lot more severe. Flu symptoms may include fever and severe aches for several days. Again, in most cases, flu remedies will help manage these symptoms. BootsWebMD has more information about the difference between a cold and flu.

Flu Vaccinations

A flu vaccination exists to help defend against catching the flu and is sometimes known as the flu jab. You can purchase individual flu vaccinations from participating Boots pharmacies. If you are an employer, you can also buy Boots Corporate Flu Vaccination Vouchers which is a cost-effective way of helping protect your staff.

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