Cough, cold and flu

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Help For Cough, Cold & Flu from


Although there is no cure for the common cold, there are many products available that can help relieve the symptoms. Antibiotics cannot usually treat a cold, but Boots has a range of products that help to tackle the symptoms of colds. To prevent germs from spreading, catch sneezes in tissues, bin it as quickly as possible, and use a hand sanitiser.


Whether you have a chesty cough (sometimes known as a productive cough) or a dry cough (or non-productive), we have a range of cough medicines. Sore throat remedies can also help. If your cough has lasted more than three weeks, or you are coughing up blood or mucus that is not clear or white, you should talk to a Pharmacist or GP who will be able to assist further.

Cold and Flu Prevention

As well as getting the flu jab and maintaining your vitamin and nutrient levels with vitamins, you can also take the below stops to prevent cold and flu.

  • Get more sleep

Many of those with a low immune system do not get enough sleep. Try light exercise an hour before bedtime, a warm bath or try adding lavender oil to your pillow. Herbal sleeping aids may also help those who are struggling to get enough sleep

  • Keep your hands clean

This is especially important during the winter months. If you regularly come into contact with objects in public places you are at risk of contracting germs from many people. Use a hand sanitiser immediately after exposure to remain germ free.

  • Exrercise regularly

Regular exercise has been shown to help fight infections, especially those of colds and flu. If the gym isn't your thing, and you have no time for spinning classes, try doing a little extra in everyday situations, for example, parking a little further away from your destination and walk the rest.

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