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Health Assessment


Boots Health Assessment

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Helping you take active

steps to feel better

The Boots Health Assessment looks at all aspects of your lifestyle to help you take manageable steps towards a healthier you.

  • Identify key areas that need a little TLC
  • Set achievable goals and track your progress
  • Receive advice and information along the way

The first steps towards a healthier you

  • Get ready
  • Take the test & set your goals
  • Keep your plan going

The Boots Health Assessment will create and store your information in a secure Boots health record. See terms and conditions for more information.

Health and lifestyle


About you

Some free time

Registering allows you to personalise your account and track your progress. We won't use your details for anything but your health assessment.

You will need your waist measurement, your height and weight, and detail about your family history.

A thorough evaluation of your health and lifestyle takes just 15 minutes.

Vicky Pennington, Boots nutritionist

"I found the health assessment tool to be both comprehensive and easy to use. The food and drink questions have helpful pop-up boxes to explain the meanings of terms such as 'saturated fat' and 'soluble fibre'. Just answering the questions will start you thinking about your diet."

Brought to you by health experts

roadtohealth ltd specialises in developing systems and services to help you to manage your health and lifestyle risks... for life. This professional assessment, together with Boots expertise, means you get an effective and accessible, self-empowered health improvement tool for you to feel good.

Meet the Q Score


Complete the Health Assessment and receive your Q Score™. The roadtohealth Q Score™ shows you how your health compares with 100 people of the same age, race and gender as you.

Success stories

Jacinta's Success Story

"Now that I have a general idea of my health, I feel confident making improvements in my lifestyle to achieve the optimum Q Score."

Jacinta, Cardiff.

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