De-fuzz the fuss-free way Which Hair Removal Tribe Are You

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De-fuzz the fuss-free way: Which Hair Removal Tribe Are You?

Are you a sassy shaver or an epilator pro? Find your perfect hair removal tribe and stay sleek and fuzz-free all year-round

 Katie Campbell

Katie Campbell

Beauty Editor

Published 1st September 2008

Are you a sassy shaver or an epilator pro? Find your perfect hair removal tribe and stay sleek and fuzz-free all year-round.

Forget men, it’s us ladies who have our work cut out keeping sleek, smooth and hair-free. “Women’s total hair removal area, including legs, underarms and bikini area, is 18 times greater than men’s,” explains Dr Kristina Vanoosthuyze, P&G Senior Scientist. Want to save yourself valuable time and money? Then read on and choose your hair removal weapon!

The Razors: The Speedy Time Savers

Shaving is the original quick hair-removal fix. “Because it’s so quick and easy, shaving is great for times when you need to be hair free now, which is why a lot of the women I work with on shoots shave,” says celebrity stylist, Hannah Sandling. And forget the notion that a good shave requires a long soak in the tub. When it comes to efficient shaving, quicker may actually be better. “After 20 minutes in the shower or bath, skin soaked in water starts to swell slightly, resulting in a shave that’s not as close as you’d like,” says Dr Vanoosthuyze. Surprised? Read on for more time-saving shaving tips:

  • For a super-efficient shave, change blades regularly. “Blunt blades are not effective and may increase the risk of infection,” says Dr Vanoosthuyze. How often you change your blade depends on your individual needs and hair type, but a rule of thumb is to change blades after every 10 shaves.
  • Think two-in-one. Gillette’s new Venus Breeze razor has a built in Gel Shave Bar, so there’s no need to waste time dispensing shaving gel.
  • Don’t borrow your boyfriend’s razor. “A woman has hard to reach areas (like the back of legs, knees, ankles) and the shower environment can be quite slippery. Female razors have been specifically and ergonomically designed to work in these conditions. For instance the handles of a Venus razor have special elastomer finger-rests that will allow a good grip in wet conditions, even when shaving those tricky areas,” says Dr Vanoosthuyze.
  • For an efficient, time-saving result, shave at the end of your shower, but don’t soak for more than twenty minutes.

More speedy beauty solutions:

The Epilators: The Cost Effective Crew

Epilators are back – and they’re gaining in popularity. Could it be the credit crunch effect? “If you consider that the average bikini and leg wax comes in at around £60, whereas the Braun Silk-épil Xpressive epilator starts at around £39.14, the epilator is actually a really cost effective hair removal option,” says beauty expert Nichola Joss, who recently used her own Braun Silk-épil Xpressive epilator on an A-list client. Even better, results last up to a professional wax-rivalling four weeks – without the appointment or the bill. Worried about the pain factor? Don’t be. “If you find it painful to begin with, ‘numb’ the area first using ice cubes wrapped in a face flannel,” suggests Joss. Convinced yet? Here’s your epilator need-to-know:

  • There’s no ‘in between’ hair stage. The Braun Silk-épil Xpressive epilator catches hair as small as 0.5mm (compared to waxing which can only remove hair 2mm and over), so you’ll banish those last-minute I-need-to-be-hair-free-now razor purchases.
  • Because results last for up to four weeks, epilators are especially good for fast-growing areas like the underarms, where hair grows nearly 50% faster than leg hair.
  • Your fake tan will last longer. Unlike shaving and waxing, where the top layer of dead skin is removed along with the hair, epilators remove hair at the root, so your fake tan remains untouched.
  • Epilators have moved on. Braun’s new generation Braun Silk-épil Xpressive epilator is its gentlest yet and employs special massage attachments which stimulate the skin for hair removal that’s as pain-free as possible.

More cost effective beauty buys:

  • The Sanctuary Wrap – (only available in store) at £24.99 works out cheaper than a salon treatment and you can do it from the comfort of your own bathroom.
  • Olay Everyday Sunshine Body – less expensive than a professional fake tan treatment and provides more applications to boot.
  • Balance Me Super Oil – moisturiser, massage oil, body glosser and hair conditioner, all rolled into one.

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