Will Andrews

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WrittenbyJennifer Needhamon01/09/2008

Will Andrews

Will Andrews is part of the Fragrance Creation team, based at Procter & Gamble in Egham, UK. He works as a fragrance evaluator, with perfumers, designers, and market experts at the Global Fragrance Creation Centre of Excellence.

Will Andrews is part of the Fragrance Creation team, based at Procter & Gamble in Egham, UK.  He works as a fragrance evaluator, with perfumers, designers, and market experts at the Global Fragrance Creation Centre of Excellence.  

Will was born and educated in England, where he developed a passion for music, painting and science. Will regularly leads and contributes to P&G training courses, is the global leader of Fragrance Advocacy at P&G Prestige Products and chairs the UK Fragrance Foundation Associate Board. Will interests range from music and cooking to car mechanics and reading however he thinks his three children are the ultimate, most rewarding interest of all!

1. What is your favourite ever fragrance tip?

One of my favourite fragrance tips is actually a simple and effective way to re-live good memories:  Sense of smell is linked directly to the brain's Limbic System, which is responsible for memory, amongst other things.  So when you go on holiday, take a new fragrance with you and wear it throughout the holiday.  When you return home, the fragrance should clearly remind you of the holiday whenever you wear it, and therefore put you in a great mood!

2. What 3 products could you not live without?

I'm relatively funtional in my beauty product needs:  I love my Gillette Fusion Razor (how did we live without the sixth 'precision' blade on the back?!), followed by Boss Skin Revitalizing moisture cream (lovely package and product feels great), all topped by any spicy oriental fragrance. Dunhill Pursuit is one of my favourites.

3. Do you always stick to one scent and if not, which ones are your favourites?

As part of the P&G Prestige fragrance creation team, I get access to many fragrances well before they are launched.  This means I wear many different fragrances, often to evaluate how they smell on skin, but the wearing process is very enjoyable; these are the scents of the future.

4. Describe your look 10 years ago

Very similar, but with less grey hair!

5. What has been your career highlight so far?

To be invited by the Fragrance Foundation UK to be Chair of the Associate Board.  The fragrance foundation is a non-profitable organisation, whose mission is to celebrate the creativity of fragrance, to enhance the image of the fragrance industry and to expand the appreciation and use of fragrance in all its forms.

6. What is the 'next big thing' within the fragrance industry?

The next big thing is to build the experience of buying a fragrance - it could be even more engaging in store, and orientated around the mood of the shopper, which is the main reason people buy fragrances.

7. What's the first fragrance you ever bought?

The first fragrance which was bought for me was the first Gucci Pour Homme, which was launched in 1976.  My team were recently re-evaluating this fragrance and apart from the memories which came flooding back, the scent smelled surprisingly old fashioned, which was a bit of a shock; you don't realise the world of scent has moved on until you smell a piece of history.

8. If you weren't in the fragrance industry, what would you be doing?

If I wasn't in the fragrance industy, I would have loved to have been a chef or worked in garden design - both incorporate a creative and analytical thought process, which I find incredibly rewarding.

9. Which celebrity would you like to see bring out a fragrance and why?

We've had scents from car manufacturers, gun makers and celebrity jockeys, so what's next? I mean, how crazy could it be? How about a celebrity pet - that would be interesting….

10. What's the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is being able to spend so much time smelling things and to be paid to do it! Particularly when you can wear the classic fragrances of the future as an 'evaluation' exercise.

11. Which fragrance are you most proud of developing?

Every single fragrance has a special point to it, otherwise we would not be working on it, so I am proud of all the fragrances we develop. Some take many years of crafting to get them right and these are particlarly frustrating and rewarding to work on, in equal measure.

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