Andrea Fulerton

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WrittenbyJennifer Needhamon01/09/2008

Andrea Fulerton

Celebrity nail expert Andrea Fulerton has won the British Nail Professional of the Year twice and is a respected and leading authority within the UK beauty industry.

Celebrity nail expert Andrea Fulerton has won the British Nail Professional of the Year twice and is a respected and leading authority within the UK beauty industry.

Her clients include Nigella Lawson, Daisy Lowe and Annie Lennox. Andrea has also worked with models such as Naomi Campbell on numerous magazine shoots. Andrea is passionate about fingers and toes - it comes naturally to her and she loves creating that seasons varnish colour or new 'look'. Originally from 'up north', Andrea has the accent and sense of humour to prove it but is now based in Central London which seems to play havoc with her nails - but her hair loves it!

Andrea loves writing, eating, fancy cocktails and nails - short, long, problem, varnished, natural...and often tries to get to grips with her fiancé, Sals, but like most men he's not too keen, though prone to a little buffing on the odd occasion.
1. What is your favourite nail tip?

Always try to wear a nail varnish. I find 'some is better than none' for both strengthening and protecting nails. Use the  excess SPF from your face on the back of your hands - hands can often indicate your age more than your face in years to come!

2. What are the 3 products you can't live without?

If I was stranded on a desert island indefinitely it would be my Ruby & Millie tweezers (in store), think eyebrows, bikini line - think ALL stray hair! An moisturising SPF - protect the skin your in! It'll be the first thing to give away your age - especially on your chest and hands! And a metal nail file from Revlon (in store), as the pointed edge will clean under all your nails too.  Day to day I cant live without tinted spf moisturiser, mascara and brown eyeliner.

3. What was your biggest beauty disaster?

As an 18 year old, out on the town, wearing hot pink 'stick on' nails, when towards the end of the night, in the loo's, I noticed I was 'modelling' half of them in my diffused, backcombed hair - not a good look! Needless to say Kiss and Broadway 'occasional' nails have come along way since the eighties - thank goodness!

4. Describe your look 10 years ago...

Disco diva clubber up North with far too much makeup on, so much so, a fellow gay raver said my dark lip liner made me look like I had a moustache?! Not to mention my eyebrows looked like slugs back then too... and I thought I looked hot!?  Oh to have both the confidence and figure again!

5. What has been your career highlight so far?

Being able to work alongside strong, successful, beautiful, intelligent and driven woman that mentor and inspire such as Nigella Lawson, Marcia Kilgore beauty guru of Bliss and FitFlop and Annie Lennox and global beauty brand leaders such as Revlon, Chanel and Boots!

6. What is your biggest 'ground swallow me up' moment?

Going on a shoot for Dazed & Confused with Nick Knight when I first started in the industry some 10 years ago and not realising  1 - Who he was 2 - What a big deal it was.

7. What is in your make-up bag?

I’m somewhat of a beauty product addict so lots!  I have lipstick, concealer, Ruby & Millie lipgloss (in store), Revlon Eyelinerand Revlon Mascara, Revlon EyeshadowJemma Kidd Bronzer, No7 Lipliner, Dr Andrew Weil for Origins Eye Serum, Clinique Blush StickNo7 Powder, Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker and Chanel 'Sycamore' perfume.

8. What is the 'next big thing' within beauty?

I'd love it to be a varnish that dried completely within the hour... maybe technology will allow this one day however in the meantime we ladies  are becoming experts at looking after our own nails so I feel that natural nail care at home will see a major growth like our USA sisters before us.

9. What is your most commonly asked question?

By men - "what do you think of these?" As they thrust their nails under my nose for closer inspection - they are starting to care/groom more for sure!
By women "what can I do for weak/flaky/brittle nails?" It's everyones main nail beauty dilemma.

10. Who has your favourite celebrity 'look'?

I love Duffy’s face shape and hair.  Yasmin Le Bon’s a natural beauty both inside and out. Loving Victoria Beckham’s new and improved gentle french nails. New model on the block Daisy Lowe has a 'youthful' look, she wears the crazy nails colours and smoky eyes well - go girls!

11. If you weren't in the beauty industry, what would you be doing?

I’d have been a nose - I love perfume. I’m crazy for it... a smell takes you back in time, gives you memories and tells a lot about a person. I also enjoy writing a lot, in fact maybe thats what I would have been.

12. What is the biggest beauty myth that you have heard and want to put straight?

Nail varnish doesn’t need to be housed in your fridge - it likes dark places out of direct sunlight.

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