Sarah Jessica Parkers Feel-Good Secrets

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WrittenbyLucie Tobinon17th November 2008

Sarah Jessica Parker's Feel-Good Secrets

Star of Sex and the City, trend-setting style icon, and mum to James Wilkie, Sarah Jessica Parker shares her views on ageing, her new fragrance Covet Pure Bloom and spending time with friends and family.

Star of Sex and the City, trend-setting style icon, and mum to James Wilkie, Sarah Jessica Parker shares her views on ageing, her new fragrance Covet Pure Bloom and spending time with friends and family

Sarah Jessica Parker began her career as a child star on Broadway, playing the lead role in Annie at the age of 10. After school she embarked on a successful movie career, and by the nineties had starred in many films including L.A. Story, Honeymoon in Vegas and Mars Attacks!

In 1998 she made the role of glamorous New York relationship columnist Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City her own. Ten years later in 2008 she helped make the SATC movie a massive box office smash. She lives in New York with her husband Matthew Broderick and their son, James Wilkie.

What's your favourite smell?

My son. He smells like fresh-baked goods. On myself, I usually prefer fresh scents to floral ones, but when I was creating Covet, I smelt geranium and was surprised by how much I loved it. We added chocolate and musk to give it a sexier feel.

My latest fragrance, Covet Pure Bloom, plays on the all-consuming desire of Covet, but with a more feminine edge. When I was in Hawaii recently, a tropical flower called Pikake caught my eye and I knew I wanted it at the heart of my new scent. It's the national flower of Indonesia and is part of the jasmine family, so has a wonderful smell.

What started your love affair with fragrance?

I spent my first pay cheque on a fragrance for myself. It was Aliage by Estée Lauder. My mother always wore perfume, too. I remember her saving up, taking the trip to a department store and proudly purchasing a designer fragrance.

One of my hobbies is to mix together different oils and perfumes to come up with signature scents, so when I began to create my first fragrance, Lovely, I already had a very clear idea of how I wanted it to smell. I'm glad I didn't create it in my early twenties though. My taste has changed so much since then.


Why do you think women give themselves such a hard time about the way they look, particularly when it comes to ageing?

Getting older isn't easy and I'm a victim as much as any other woman. I'll try every new anti-ageing potion available. Fortunately though, I think the film industry is beginning to acknowledge the power and beauty of women in their forties and beyond. We're starting to see richer roles available to us. Personally, I believe that beauty comes from the inside and your individual characteristics make you stand apart from others.


What has been your most exciting beauty discovery?

Sunscreen. It's quite a recent discovery for me and now I can't live without it. It's also essential to drink lots of water and moisturise regularly. I like facials, too, but they have to be practical. It's all about results for me, not candles and music.

  • Using a SPF daily, such as Soltan Face SPF 30, will protect your skin, and can be worn under make-up.


What's your biggest indulgence?

I don't really covet material things any more. Honestly. I think it's because I get to borrow a lot of lovely things, use them for a while, and then give them back. If there's one thing I'd like more of, it's time to spend with my family.


What's your beauty no-no?

Bad feet. I like clean, well-looked-after feet. I'm not insisting on it for everyone but for me it's important. In Sex and the City, our feet were on show practically all the time in those strappy Manolos, so we had to have nice feet. A nailbrush is so cheap, there's really no excuse.

I also don't wear face powder. I mean, I do on movie sets, but I always feel I'm not quite old enough to wear it in real life.

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What's your beauty regime like?

In general, I'm not loyal to a certain beauty regime or any particular product. In the morning, I wash my face, moisturise, cover any zits with Laura Mercier concealer and put on lots of lip-gloss.

Along with fragrance and mascara, concealer and lip-gloss are my only real essentials.

  • SJP never leaves the house without a lip-gloss in her purse. We love Bourjois Effect 3D Lip Colour in Rose Symphonic.
  • To make the most of her striking eyes, SJP layers up her lashes with mascara. Try Rimmel Magnif’eyes, just one lick, lengthens and defines your lashes.


How do you stay fit?

I work out every day, do yoga twice a week and I also work on gymnastic rings. At least it's not boring.


You've spent a large part of your career playing Carrie. Are there any similarities between you?

I've made different choices in my life from Carrie. Sometimes she feels very foreign to me. I actually live around the corner from Carrie's apartment block and walk by there every day. She's always with me.
I have very close female friends like Carrie does, but we don't tend to get together as foursomes at a restaurant. We all have children, so we just don't have the time to do things like that. You can question the Sex and the City girls' financial ability to buy such fabulous clothes but, for me, the most ridiculous thing was how much time they spent together. I wish I had as much time as Carrie.

Written by Kerry Foster

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