How to Enjoy Sex Safely This Christmas - 2008

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How to Enjoy Sex Safely This Christmas - 2008

Lucie Tobin

Lucie Tobin

Health & Beauty Magazine Online Editor

Published 17th October 2008

Christmas is about having fun, which often includes partying and socialising. Whatever your age, you need to look after your sexual health and long-term wellbeing. Our sex expert points you in the right direction.

1. Be prepared

It may sound obvious, but the key thing to remember when you go out isn’t just your lipstick. Always carry condoms. ‘By having them with you, you’ve taken the first step towards looking after your sexual health and being in control,’ explains sex expert Petra Boynton.

Try Boots Ultra Safe Condoms or Durex Avanti Ultima Condoms


2. Be careful with alcohol

Drinking and Christmas sometimes go hand in hand, but the more you have, the less important your own sexual health – and other people’s – becomes to you. Know your limits, so that you can pace yourself or stop if you feel you have had enough, and always make sure your friends are looking out for you.


3. Use protection as well as the Pill

‘Being on the Pill doesn’t prevent you from getting sexually transmitted infections (STIs),’ warns Petra. ‘If you’re on the Pill or have a cap or diaphragm fitted, you still run the risk of getting an STI when you have unprotected sex.’ It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 80, the advantage of using condoms is that you can protect yourself from pregnancy and STIs and have a good time. Remember if you do have sex without a condom, you can ask your Boots Pharmacist for advice.


4. Plan for getting home

Before you go out for the night, make sure you’ve planned how you’ll get home. If you order a taxi in a noisy club, go somewhere where strangers can’t overhear your address. And use only licensed taxis, as the drivers are already checked out by the police. Text HOME to 60835 to get the numbers of one taxi and two local, licensed minicab companies from Cabwise.


5. Be aware of spiked drinks

We’ve all heard about girls who have their drinks spiked in clubs and can’t remember anything the next morning. There are common-sense ways to avoid this happening to you. So don’t accept a drink from a stranger, don’t leave drinks unattended and do watch them being poured. Remember a bottled beer is more difficult to spike.

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