Sharleen Spiteris Beauty Secrets

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Sharleen Spiteri's Beauty Secrets

After two decades as singer with Texas, Sharleen Spiteri, 40, is going it alone with a new solo album and a fabulous new look. The glamorous singer lets us in on how she stays looking great.

Lucie Tobin

Lucie Tobin

Health & Beauty Magazine Online Editor

Published 10th September 2008

After two decades as singer with Texas, Sharleen Spiteri, 40, is going it alone with a new solo album and a fabulous new look. The glamorous singer lets us in on how she stays looking great

So why go solo after all this time?

Being solo meant I could make the record I've always dreamed about, I haven't left Texas, I'm just taking a break. The Sixties have always been an influence on me, and with this album I've delved deeper into the sounds of female singers like Nancy Sinatra and Francois Hardy.

And with the beehive and kohl eyeliner, you're looking very '60s too

That decade has always been an inspiration for me. I'm going for a Catherine Deneuve inspired look and I love it. I think she always looks beautiful. The thing about beauty for a lot of people is that it comes from within, but for me almost like an inner strength, a self-confidence that you have. I know for myself that when you feel unsure about yourself you look very different on the outside.

How do you manage to look so great while being a working mum to your daughter five-year-old Misty?

Any mum knows that your kids keep you on your toes. I don't go to the gym, I'm not the type. But I do an hour-long session of Pilates twice a week. It's the only exercise I've ever done that I can see makes a real difference.

In the space of a month or two, I saw my bum lift a bit, my stomach looked flatter and it's good for the arms too, the old bingo wings. You do get to the age when things change and drop a bit, but you just have to work a bit harder.

Are you high maintenance when it comes to your looks?

No, I'm really low-maintenance. I like no-fuss things. When I do TV I wear make-up, but not every day. I wash my face with a buffer and use a facial scrub twice a week. But I do have favourite products.

I like the Sanctuary Spa Essentials range; they're so gentle on my skin. I use the Salt Scrub on my bum and legs; and the Sanctuary Spa Essentials Bath Relaxer is great too. James Brown London haircare line is very good. The hairspray, isn't sticky and gives you hold and a bit of oomph.

I use Bourjois 1 Second Nail Enamel. It dries in 50 seconds so is good if you're going out. I buy both expensive and bargain products, as long as they're right for me. Some expensive things last for ages so work out really reasonable.

What's the one product you can't live without?

I use John Frieda Frizz-Ease Miraculous Recovery Pot all the time. It's an intensive hair conditioner that's like a godsend in my house, I use it on my daughter's hair too.

Do you feel more confident about your looks now than when you were younger?

I think it's a different kind of confidence. When you're younger you have an arrogant type of confidence. But girls seem to be a lot more conscious of their bodies at a far younger age than when I was growing up.

I was only paranoid about how skinny my ankles were, it used to freak me out and I'd wear two pairs of socks to thicken them up. My mum would say, 'I'd give my right arm to have my legs as skinny as yours.' When you get older you realise that your mum was right.

Any looks that make you cringe?

There's loads of photos that I look back on and think, 'Oh please.' One time, at the very beginning of Texas, I wore a pair of huge hoop earrings. I looked so cheap. It was not a good look on me.

When do you think you looked your best?

At the moment I'm looking back fondly on the time when I had my short haircut in the late '80s. At the time there wasn't anybody else with that style. I literally took a picture of '60s icon Eddie Sedgwick to my friend and said, 'I want my hair like that.'

A lot of girls mention the red lipstick that I wore in the I Don't Want a Lover video too but I was just trying to copy Sade's look, I thought she looked really cool.

Would you ever consider cosmetic surgery?

The only reason I wouldn't have anything done is that I'm too scared. I would love to be put into a capsule and come out with my body looking fabulous. But I spent 18-hours in labour without an epidural because I didn't want a needle in my back. And you do see some bad cosmetic surgery too.

How do you relax?

I enjoy pottering around the house. I like having a girls' night in with a couple of bottles of wine, cooking, watching some movies with my feet up and chatting away.

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