A guide to your glasses lenses

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A guide to your glasses' lenses

Use our guide to choosing your glasses' lenses to help you find your perfect pair

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Guide to your glasses' lenses

Let's recommend the best ones for you

The right pair of glasses can make a real difference to how you see, look and feel.

Although choosing frames is a big part of finding your perfect pair, it's important that you have the right lenses too.

If your eye test shows that you need glasses to see better, your optometrist will work out your lens prescription, and they'll also discuss the benefits of different lens finishes to help you choose glasses to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Request an eye check

Boots lenses and finishes

Boots Opticians offers a choice of lenses and finishes to help protect your eyes and keep your glasses in tip top condition.

Boots Protect

All our glasses and prescription sunglasses include Boots Protect lenses which are scratch resistant and reflection free.

Boots Protect Plus

Include the benefits of Boots Protect and provide UV protection on the back and front of the lens. They are also dirt, water and smudge resistant for clearer vision and easy care.

Boots Protect Plus Blue

Include all the benefits of Boots Protect Plus and selectively filter out 20% of the blue violet light which is around us every day.

Boots Digital Enhance (single vision only)

For everyday use these lenses include all the benefits of Boots Protect Plus Blue. They also help eyes feel less tired and more comfortable when using digital devices, and can make smaller characters easier to read**

Compare the benefits

Boots Digital Enhance
- single vision (£70*)
Boots Protect Plus Blue
Boots Protect Plus
Boots Protect
(included with all prescription glasses and sunglasses)
Reflection free
Reduces glare
Scratch resistant
UV protection (front & back of lens)
Smudge resistant
Dust repellent
Water repellent
Helps filter blue violet light
Digital support

*Add this to the price of your glasses **In-life wearer test - 76 individuals - Essilor France. Study conducted by an independent third party, 2015

Your lens prescription

Your optometrist will recommend one of the following lenses:

Single vision lenses

  • Distance* - If you need help seeing things far away, such as when driving or watching TV
  • Reading* - If you need help seeing things close up, such as when reading or using a PC

*Included in the cost of your frames


If you need help seeing near, far and middle distances, these lenses help you see at all distances without needing separate pairs of glasses.

You can choose from our range of varifocal lenses:

  • Boots Silver (£50) - our standard varifocal lens
  • Boots Gold (£110) - recommended for mixed amounts of distance, reading and some computer work
  • Boots Platinum (£170) - recommended for constantly changing distances and prolonged computer and near-distance work
  • Boots Platinum Plus (£210) - recommended for wider clear vision at arm's length and compatible with a wider choice of frames

Ask your optician which varifocal lens might suit you.

Bifocal (£50)

If you need help seeing both near and far distances these have a different prescription on the top and bottom half of the lens, with a visible line across the middle.

Add this to the overall price of your glasses

Lens extras

Depending on your lifestyle, you might find some of these extras useful. Simply add the price to the overall cost of your glasses.

Thin & Light (from £60)

Allow you to have a stronger prescription without needing thick and heavy lenses.

Benefit: Your glasses are more comfortable to wear, plus you can choose from a wider range of frames.

Transitions® (£80)

Automatically adapt to changing light conditions.

Benefit: You can see clearly whether you are in the shade or the sun.

Polarised (£70)

Significantly reduce glare from reflective surfaces like snow, roads and water without affecting your colour perception either.

Benefit: You can see more clearly outdoors or if you are driving.

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